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Yonkers Stinks...

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I saw on the news this morning that the City of Yonker's School Board is planning to cut all the Varsity sports, music, art and extra activities. They also plan on cutting over 500 jobs that include guidance counselors, psychologists, security officers.
They are doing this to offset some of their huge budget deficits.
In their infinite wisdom they figured they'd would propose this plan and when everyone saw how bad it was the state would ride in on their white horse and save the day with the money they need. That's not happening.
Really really bad plan.

Stock down Yonkers, again.

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They also plan on cutting over 500 jobs that include guidance counselors, psychologists, security officers
And hopefully I will not be one of them!!!

Pugs -- This was planned long before the elections. They just needed to get Amicone elected first. Just another scam of the taxpayers. Also why I stay out of politics now.

Hey Pete:

your quote:

"Also why I stay out of politics now."

as opposed to WHEN and THEN????????????

Pete's Political career is well documented

Pistol Pete ran against Cuomo back in the day for Governor of NY. He actually won, but there was a recall due to the fact that 200,000 of his votes were from dead people. The vote was very close with Pistol Pete using a smearing campaign to discredit Cuomo and having it work in the closing weeks leading up to the vote. Pete accused him being involved in the Roswell cover up and although it worked for a short time, his political career began to fizzle out. He attempted to run against Hillary but could not dig up any dirt on her past****** Instead, he retired from politics to the comforts of bass fishing.

***** Extreme sarcasm
Grew up in Yonkers, gradusted Roosevelt HS, and after my Navy days worked 35 years as a telephone repairman for Verizon in Yonkers. Did I see that city go down the drain big time. Retired and moved to Columbia County. Now have nothing but basses on my mind.
John - What I meant was -- I couldn`t care less about any politics in Yonkers.

EW - Not ALL the 200,000 were dead. !!!! Some were just convicted felons or illegal aliens.

Gary - I made it out of Gorton . And I`m still stuck here.

It`s amazing that the city has survived this long , between Judge Sands trying to turn it into the perfect PC liberal city and the politicians using the treasurey as thier own personal bank account.
Earthy, you had me in stitches! LOL........
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