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Yipee!! Gander Mt. opening in Middletown

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This is a repeat of a post on another forum (Just saw it after I wrote this one.) In any case for those that didn't read it under Off Topic Discussions:

Finally, a little competition for Dicks. The store will be the largest Gander Mt. ever built and will be located next to the quickway (rt.211) in Middletown, N.Y. (in the old Walmart building.)

I haven't been impressed by their fishing supplies in the past, but we'll see how competitive with cat. and others. Man, only 20 min. from where I live!

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Remember the entrance to rt.84 from the Thruway sports shop? If you get on 84 from the Maybrook on-ramp, go west to 17 and get off at the Middletown exit, - only 14 minutes total. Dick's is around the corner. Another shop only 15 minutes north (and a BASS PRO franchise) is the well stocked Borden Bait, owned by Brenda.) So many local choices to blow a wad!

Bill, you don't need Wild Bill's "Orange-Marmalade Polka-Dotted Creature Baits" to catch fish. I've seen you in action! Their markup would make the baits uneconomical and considering the 7.5% sales tax.

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