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The deal I got was...

one bag of their four inch curl-tailed worms in watermelon,and two 1/4 oz jigs for renewing my subscription.
I think it is a well wriitten magazine with many great pieces, but it is hard to stay fresh and new. They also offer a free e-mag each month afrom their website with articles and updates about their product line.
Personally, I have seen the customer support that Yamamoto offers to their clients, far more than that among any of the numerous other tackle companies, based on my own experiences. They have been real good to me....and have also supported numerous charities and events amonst us here at this site recently that I know of, too, and numerous other ones too.
GYCB really does share much fishing knowledge with anglers, and make their pro-staffers easily accessible to us everyday anglers, too, so that we may benefit from their local experiences. I have learned much from several of them all around our country, including seeing two great presentations by both PatX and Mike D individually this past year. Pat gave a stellar presentaion on drop-shotting that I took in at the Nassau Coliseum, and Mike did a real spectacular job of discussion the fine points of sonar at the NYBass University at Mt Kisco, and I thank them both for what they taught me.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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