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For sale... Lot of soft plastics. Over 2 lbs. of proven baits. Most packs are new and unopened, except where noted. $39.00 shipped. PayPal or MO.

1st column:
NetBait Paca Chunk in Potomac Blue;
Zoom Horny Toad in Green Pumpkin;
Sting Ray Grub knock-offs in motor-oil.

2nd Column:
Berkeley Havoc Baits:
Craw Fatty (partial pack of 3) in Green Pumpkin;
Devil Spear in Green Pumpkin;
Pit Boss in Lime-Purple Passion & Black-Blue.

3rd Column:
Zoom Super Chunk in Black/Blue;
Maverick 3½" Paddle Tail in SJ Steel;
Mr. Twister 4" Twister Tail Grubs in white (25 pak).

4th Column:
Yamamoto Senko 5" 9-10-913 Green Pumpkin w/ Chartreuse tail;
Grape 4½" curly tail finesse worms (large pak);
Charlie Brewer's Slider, 3" bass grub in pearl.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts