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Worls Series game 1

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Man this Yankee team just don't want to hit. Giambino the DB king. Soriano, can he take a pitch or what? And Bernie, he is such a non factor in the line up. I don't think any Yankee is batting over .200 for the post eason.
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of course, Yankee fans are going to blame the loss on 'hangover'. Of course, Yankees are taking light of the Marlins. ...

Ill be very surprised if the Yanks dont win the next 4 games.....

Your right Nick. Yanks better start hitting with men on base. Soriano has choked big time. Only the 2 homers in game 7 keep Giambi from a total disaster as DH.
And Bernie has not made much noise.
Considering the team wide poor hitting, it's amazing they were able to get by the Sox. " Must be the curse"
And when the series moves to Florida, they loose the DH. Of course, at this point, maybe the pitchers can hit better than some of the regulars.
Hoping for a Twins repeat. Loose the first and then dominate.
I personally enjoyed the 3 run homer by Godzilla a couple of minutes ago!
Game one was nothing but a tease for Yankee-haters. They should have just given them their rings in advance and put football back on the tube for Sunday night. :mad:
I also found Soriano's rip over the left field fence rather enjoyable.
Yes it happened, the Yankees take game 2

Can you Yankee haters take it? Although I know you Yankee haters take it alright, you take it in the.....oh never mind, don't get me started!!!

:cool: :cool: :cool:

The Yankees won today so just deal with it!!!
HugeFish4 said:
I personally enjoyed the 3 run homer by Godzilla a couple of minutes ago!
Uh, Isn't that Game 2?

I'm no Yankee hatter. I was just making some observations on the game. Geesh, You Yankee guys are sensitive.
Yeah Nick it was game 2....why talk about game one.....the Yankees just use that game as a tease!
Re: Yes it happened, the Yankees take game 2

Kenny C said:
Can you Yankee haters take it?
Have to, don't have much of a choice. :(

All we have left are memories from 2001 and 2002. :)
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