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Working for that Stick Marsh Lunker

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<p>The winds howled but the fish came. The last three days have seen winds in
excess of 30+ miles per hour but that didn't deter the resolve of Gary Morgan
and his friend Dave Taylor, Mike Nemerowski, and Bob Caras. With the predicted
winds shiners were opted for, the spillway in the SE corner of the Farm was
chosen for what protection it would give, and the bass were instructed to be
 <img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Day one Gary, Dave and Mike were on board and true to the forecast the winds
blew hard but the bass cooperated fully. The bite was strongest throughout the
morning and by days end 12-dozen shiner were gone. Gary scored the lead with
this 6-pound bass for day one.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Gary scored no less than 4 fish that went 6 pounds on day one. The above 4
pounder came first thing to start the day and then the catch just got better.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Day two found us back in the same area again to dodge the wind. The lake was
quickly turning to chocolate brown out in the open but the water was still
pretty clean in the protected area of the spillway. Gary, Dave, and Mike were
ready for another day of the same and we departed Middleton's Bait and Tackle
with 12-dozen shiners to accomplish that task. The bite started a bit slower but
before long yesterday's big fish record was broken as Gary checked in with this
8-pound beauty. She measure 24 X 17 and was a solid 8 on the Boga Grip.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Throughout the day the bite would come and go but it was much slower than
yesterday. The morning and late in the day was best. We did try a trip out into
the lake but one wave over the bow sent us racing back to the spillway to finish
out the day. Late in the day the bite came back along the grass on the east side
in the spillway area and by days end the 12-dozen shiners were gone. Mike took
second place honors today with this nice 6-pounder.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"></p>
<p>Scott had a trip with previous customer and friend Frank Delucas and their
results weren't quite as good. Frank lives down the road and by noon they called
it a day to try again some other day. </p>
<p>Day three Bob Caras arrived and Gary and Bob followed Dave, Mike, and I in
Gary's Triton. Gary had brought his boat and fished his way down from Mass.
stopping at Wheeler, Guntersville, and Oconee. Shiners were in short supply and
we had 6-dozen on board each boat as we headed for the spillway. This was the
third day of high winds predicted and it would prove to be a day that the fish
wanted to get ornery. Mike took the lead quickly catching several to everyone
else's none. The breeze came up and the bite died. We decided to try elsewhere
and headed to the NW end of the Marsh. Between the two boats today I don't think
more than 30 bass were caught. Dave, Bob and Gary are out there today giving it
a go as they end up the four day adventure in sunny, windy Florida. </p>
<p>Gary is leading the board for the $2500.00 big fish prize so far with Enrique
in second place for the prize of rod and reel. Want to know how you could be the winner? Send me an e-mail.</p>
<p>See you on the water. If your looking to fish this fantastic 6700 acre lake
you can find it just NW of the town of Fellsmere. It is not on a map but you can
get a look-see at the entire management area @:
<a href=""></a></p>

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Scenes and such from the Marsh

Hope these help to better understand this fantastic body of water that we report on.


<p>Some scenes from the Marsh.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="252" height="179"><br>
The Marsh NE corner<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="487" height="368"><br>
Road Map - exit numbers have changed on I95 but all else is the same<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="317" height="232"><br>
Sunset on the Marsh - <br>
<img border="0" src="" width="314" height="226"><br>
Low water levels - Here is why it is called the Stick Marsh<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="381" height="404"><br>
Russ Bassdozer - Scott and George - Topwater fishing can be fun</p>

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The spawn is coming

Submitted by George, Imagination Bassin Guide Services

Date Fished: 11/19/03
Water Temperature: 69
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Scott and I went out to do a bit of scouting on Monday. Water temperatures are dropping and we checked several locations around the lake. We found a consistent 69.4 degrees all around the lake including in the spillway area.

Our objective was to locate some of the gals that are approaching or in pre-spawn condition and success came after 2.5 hours of tracing known routes of transition. They are moving off the ditches and it won't be long before the fishing gets super hot. The south end is the place to be, plastics are the bait to use, and slow presentations are the tactics to use.

A frequent question is, "what type of bait should I use"? Some say live and some say artificial, so which would be the best? These questions are usually prompted because of the high cost of shiners, or the real desire to go with artificial.

The legitimate answer is that shiners have their time and place and artificials have theirs also. Our policy on this is simple: if weather dictates shiners we will recommend them, under all other conditions we will recommend artificial. Weather conditions that precipitate the shiner recommendation would be: High winds, and sudden cold weather. At no time will we tell you that you must use one bait or the other.

Another frequent question is, "what if I catch a big one", "how do I know how big it is and do I have to put it back"? If you get a big one while fishing with us, it will be weighed on a Boga Grip, measured, and photographed, and then released. We will not just measure the fish and then guesstimate its weight. Before the Boga Grip came on the scene most weighing devices were no more accurate than the measuring method, but the IGFA certified Boga Grip has removed the inaccuracies of on the water weighing. If you do catch a trophy it is kind of nice to know that the weight was actually real.

We don't come across the big gals every time out there but when we do we have a working camera onboard to record it for you. (That is we almost always do.) Monday we didn't and Scott's first fish of the day topped the scale at 4 ounces shy of 12 pounds. Heavily laden with eggs and well fed she hit a #164 purple/w lg. blue Senko as it hit the water. She hit hard and ran hard, most unwilling to come to the boat. Scott had to take her around the boat 4 times before she finally yielded and came to the boat. She is back out there waiting for the next angler to come along and present the right bait.

Weather conditions are varying greatly from one day to the next and wind has played upon us heavily as to how we fish. The humidity trough is still hanging in, (this is a wet weather belt that runs roughly from Tampa to Melbourne) but dryer weather and more stable conditions should be here soon. Come prepared for anything. Have the rain gear, warm clothing, sun protection, and don't forget the mosquito protection. We only have mosquitoes during dawn at the ramp but you don't want to get bit.

Remember, clean water, think upcoming spawn, use Senkos, spinner baits, hard jerkbaits, and think big fish. See you on the water.
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