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Winsurfing with JohnG @Maho

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Windsurfing with JohnG @Maho

Big thanks to John for getting me out on his Tracker at Maho yesterday. We fished for 5 hours and boated 3 sm bass. It was a pleasure to finally fish with the Doctor. We've spoke with each other for about 3 years now but this is the first time we had a chance to share a boat. Fishing was slim. We fished hard. I had a great time. Jown only lost his hat 2 times. We didn't have the engine running at the time. LOL I did notice a gentle westerly breeze though. LOL
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You guys are braver than Huge & I. It was the start of that wind that chased us off of Rockland on Tuesday.
Bass Stalker,

You dont wanna be hangin out with guys like Bass Rat. He's another one of my Outcast bums. Hangin out with him & me is liable to give you a bad reputation. LOL.
Who loves ya Nicky?
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