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Windy Welch

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Fished Welch on Friday for about 5 hours. The wind was crazy!!! Once gain the weather forecasters weren't even close. At times winds must have gusted to near 30 mph, and at one point the wind blew a heavy seat cushion right into the drink and almost capsized my boat! Mostly sunny...not! At one point it was snowing!

My first fish was a keeper largie that came off of the beach area. I had to leave the area though, because I actually feared the wind would capsize the boat. I went up to the "Saddle" and got a dink largie on a crank. I then worked the long point off of the North side of the island and banged out 3 fish in close order. That is better...! Back to the beach area flat. Here I nailed 3 nice smallies from 1.5lbs-2.1lbs. I was happy with the results considering the crazy winds. pics as I forgot my camera battery! Duh!
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I know what you mean about the weather, it changes, forecast wise, from hour to hour....

tomorrow, although warm, will now feature intermittent showers...however, they are talking 52 in the AM which is really warm for this time of the year......

should be a good fishing day......
What no camera!!! Don't worry John we belive you. LOL!!! Now if you said you didn't catch anything, that would be hard to belive.

I'm bummed out today. I wanted to head out to the reserviors today, but have put off lawn work around the house long enough! Only a few more weeks till Nov 30th and the close of the boating season on the reservior's so every weekend is precious right now!:mad:
Was gonna hit it again today (Saturday), but the wind was beyond crazy this afternoon, so I bailed.
2005 RACA's

my vote for the Recreational Angler Comeback Award....... :pray: :eek:wdown:
One too many eggnogs and a bad Joe?
Sorry, Hugey....twas' the 'nogg........

I LOVEEEEE bad porn...... :pimp:
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