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Where to go this weekend

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Hi guys and gals

I have been absent for a while from this forum

I had a lot of problems with numerous virus issues on my PC and needed to clean the drive out.

With all the great reports on the forum I have gooten the bug to get out at least one more time this year.

I have a hard time choosing between fishing and duck hunting this time of year. As can be seen from my username, Labsrus, we have 2 black labs. As a matter of fact the older one is nudging me with her nose to get me to rub her head. She is a highly trained professional retriever.

Living in the Rochester area present a few problems when picking out a place to fish.

Do I go to Lake Erie and look for the large fish that are there?
Do I go to one of the closer Finger Lakes, Honeoye or Conesus?
Do I go to Sodus Bay and search the bay for Largemouths or the main lake for smallies? So many choices!!

Any help or guidance would be welcome.

All I know is that I will be with my better half and younger son. Even if we do not catch many fish it will still be a good time.

I have a new digital camera and I will attempt to put a few pictures up

Thanks for the help

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Jay, good to see you back on!! hopefully, some of our upstate guys will come on with some recommendations for you!
All good choices


All the waters you mentioned are worth investigating. I haven't done Sodus, this time of year, but can imagine that it would be good.

Erie is awsome, right now, but the weather is an obvious consideration if you intend on having the family with you. I know that the smallies are coming on strong on Conesus. I was there last weekend and had 16.25 in smallies. There were a few big largemouth weighed, too. And, it only gets better from here on. It's just down the road for you and a small enough lake to where you can get on under most any conditions.

If you go there, getting a boat in is a bit more difficult, because they have removed the docks at the state launch. But, it's well worth the effort. I'll be going there, several more times this season........ until she freezes over. :D

Good luck and enjoy.

C'ya on the water,
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