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What went wrong?

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1- Yankee hitting with runners in scoring position.......awful
2- No run support for Mussina, Pettite...ok all Yankee pitchers
3- 186 million dollar payroll yet Hernandez and Garcia start.
4- Torre made a few very bad choices/decisions. The line ups in Fla. were questionable at best. You have to have Giambi/Johnson batting in every game.
5- Several bad fielding situations. That throw to 3rd base in game 5 opitimized the fielding woes.
6- I think the Yanks did not take the Marlins seriously
7- With the exception of Jeter, there was no hunger to win.
8- Sorriano- what happened to him?
9- lack of use of the bunt to manufactur runs/movement of runners.

Who needs to leave the team for the Yanks to improve for next season?
Wells- go get a younger you wish you had Lily back
Clemons- Wash, great pitcher, not coming back
Bernie- Seems to be more interested in his music carreer
Boone- Ummm, 1 good swing all year, mediocre player at best....stick with Hernandez who will get better with experience
Weaver- worse NY pitcher than Benitez.
Hire Jerome as hitting coach.
Hopefully Torre stays the skipper of this team.
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earthworm77 said:
Who needs to leave the team for the Yanks to improve for next season?
nobody...please George don't change a thing...;)
oh , there will be changes, you can bet on that!

George has been seen fuming the entire post season....
What went wrong? Hitting period. When you bat around 150 with runners on base for the series you don't win many games!!!
Being a TOTAL NY FAN...

That would be ALL the NY teams...
This Yankees World Series Lineup has been one of the WEAKEST lineups brought to the SERIES.
Look forward to watching the Giants and the Jets ;) .
As Craig & Huge said. Failure to hit with men in scoring position was the fatal flaw. I really think the Yanks used up their mental energy beating the Sox.
A few heads will roll, I'm sure. Just might not be the right ones. Obviously need pitching with Clemens gone and Wells questionable. Like to give Boone a full year before I count him out. Put Bernie in right and get an arm in center that can hit. Doesn't have to be a home run king, just a solid hitter. Some have suggested Soriano there for his speed. Maybe? If he finds his hitting eye again.
Still, wouldn't be surprised to see the Yanks back in the series next year.
Timmy: if they move Bernie for his arm, it will most likely be left field.....Right field more than the other positions requires a strong arm.......
Very possible to see Bernie in left, Matsui in center and now appearing in right field

Vladamir Guerero
The Yankees will have either Guerrero or sheffield in Right next year, Big money=Big Players.
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