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What line do you use? What brand(s)

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Ever since braid was introduced I found reasons for using it. But as more companies started making, it I've found some brands cheaper and equal to that of the usual companies we've bought line from in the past.
Some use a fluorocarbon leader. Why?
Is mono dead?
What line test(s) do you use and with which lures?
Is line diameter significant?

A line recommended to me has a super-small diameter when going to 6# (2# diam.) or 8# 4# diam.) test - great for casting finesse plastics on light jigs! Line that casts light lures, is sensitive to light strikes at a distance and sets the hook with zero line stretch at that distance, is for me!

10 # or heavier braids also do well using larger heavier lures and for getting larger fish out of heavy cover.

Some winter thoughts. Opinions welcome.
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I'm almost exclusively using Seaguar Products.
Tatsu: 6, 15, testing the new 17
Invisx: 15
Smackdown: 50
Currently testing the BasiX 6# Fluoro and TactX 50# braid - These are entry level products that are low price point in their "101" series. So far, they seem decent.
Other lines:
Swimbaiting: 20/25 CXX
Topwater: 30# Tufline SuperCaster (discontinued, zero stretch, coated, floating superline with mono core
Salmon/Steelhead: 8-12# Siglon F
I've been using Seaguar Gold Label and Blue Label leaders when necessary, but I'm even less a fan of braid to leader than braid alone.

At any rate, line choice is such a personal thing, and is dictated by the nuance of your spots. It's not easy to both defend your choices or recommend options to others. What people expect a line to do is really too subjective.
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What works for you probably sucks for anyone else. What works for everyone else may suck for you. Look at how many heated debates there are over braid. It's a simple concept really: try and decide for yourself.
I keep trying to play nice, but Frank is a bitter old fucker. Note, he didn't attack Ronnie for using different lines for different purposes. Frank just can't help being an asshole on open forums. He was an asshole on BR, and I banned him. He's banned from several other fishing sites as well. This is the only place left for him.
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