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What Have You Learned This Year?

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I've purposely done a lot of experimenting this year, and learned some things in the process. Here are the highlights of what I have learned:

1) If you use a 5'-10' flourocarbon leader with braided line you get much greater sensitivity while keeping the line fairly invisible to the fish. I've gone almost exclusively to this setup.

2) Senkos work (Sorry HugeFish).

3) If you catch a fish, make repeated casts to the same spot. I've caught multiple fish from the same spot on numerous occasions this year because I have been doing this to a far greater extent than I ever have in the past. Also, try throwing a different lure than the lure you caught a fish on.

4) Use Spike-It on your lures. Several times this year this has made a big difference in the number of fish I caught.

5) When fishing a buzzbait, start the retrieve before the lure hits the water. This starts the lure buzzing as soon as the lure hits the water. I've caught a half dozen fish this year on a buzzbait, which isn't a lot, but it is about six times as many as I had ever caught in the past.

6) Use plastic frogs and fish them on braided line. I've only caught a couple of fish on this lure this year, but one was 17-1/2" long, so I now have confidence in this lure. Also, this two fish were twice as many as I had ever caught in the past.

What have you learned this year?
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I've learned:

1) The drop shot rig works.

2) I like Yozuri Hybrid better then Yozuri X tech Cobra. The cobra has accounted for more breaks at the knot While using a Palomar knot then I care to admitt. It has cost me dearly this Tx season. I broke off exactly 12 fish. And 7 of them where 2 days which I boated no fish.

3) I love competetive fishing better then fishing for fun.

4) There are lakes still within a 3 hour ride of LI that make you feel like your in the wilderness.

5) 6 pound test isn't too light.

6) Make sure you always have extra 2 cycle oil

7) If you use your ears more then your mouth everyone you fish with has something to teach you.
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I've learned so far this season:

1) Using a Med/Hev rod is deadly for Jig/pig. Fishing 10' from the boat in thick milfoil on a hot summers day is a pretty solid pattern.

2) Topwater lures can be used a lot more than I ever realized. Using a Sugoi Splash I've had several good days which went well beyond the early morning/late day theory.

3) Smelly Jelly works

4) Senkos still work, and certain colors are better at certain parts of the season

5) keep rod tips away from front storage locker door (ouch)
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need to go back to school cuz i havent learned much

1) flukes are a must have in multiple colors

2)the miniture series crankbaits work great for small mouth

3)I still suck with senkos, spinnerbaits, and jigs. never caught a decent fish this year on any of them.
1. Jig n Pig/Trailer is still the best big fish bait going.

2. Topwater Topwater Topwater

3. Pitchin Pitchin Pitchin

4. Being out of work makes you a better fisherman

5. Get skunked during tournaments is absolutely the worst

6. I really do LOVE fishing

7. Even if Senkos work, they still nauseate me to death.
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  1. Fish with people from NYBass - I've learned so much from getting out with people from the board.
  2. ScumFrogs can catch fish on top all year.
  3. Having 5-10 different rods and reels does help you catch more fish. I'm sure that will start a debate.
  4. Nothing helps improve your fishing like time on the water.
  5. That said, there are lots of quality books on bass fishing that will help as well.

    Not nearly as good a list as some of the others. That said I've head a great summer fishing and look forward toa great fall...

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your list lacks nothing Mark, everything you have on it is true.....

hmmmm, let's see......

1. I'd have to say a gradual progression towards using heavier line and finding out that it doesn't cut down on the number of fish you catch whatsoever....but it sure cuts down on the big ones that would hang you up in the weeds.....

2. I agree with Huge, jig and trailer, regardless of your style sure is a great fish catcher.....I have been getting into variations of them..combining two or more lures together......

3. still tons to learn on coordinating map study with sonar, but getting there.....

4. weather patterns are really everything.....and crazy weather as we had this season shows you to not get hung up on what you did in the past but to listen to what the fish are telling you now and how they are responding to the changes......wasn't quite as slow to adapt this year.....would love to be even more flexible with that next year.......

5. forget Hugefish's laments: Senkos have revolutionized bass fishing, they have become a very strong new tool in the arsenal and continue to open my eyes to fish when other methods are not doing the trick....I used to hesitate using them also...but now: fuggedaboutit....when the shoe fits, I wear it!
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I have learned many things this year so far.........

1) Time on the water= better fisherman

2) Sometimes you can catch fish out of Lake Ronkonkoma (and good ones too!)

3) Bringing less total tackle is easier on your mind and simplifies lure choices.

4) The Fat Ika and Iko(senko with a skirt) are versatile baits and will catch fish in many conditions.

5) Like John said, don't get caught in previous patterns but also learn to recognize when a previous pattern can save you.

6) Light line and big fish can work in situations.

7) Having my own boat("The Stealth") kicks so much ass it is ridiculous, and has helped me to catch more and bigger fish.(SEE number 1)

8) There are many people on Nybass that are good people and looking to help people all the time.

9) Micro munch baits do work regardless of what people tell you.

10) Pay attention when retying your line so that the trollin motor is not spinning you around at 100mph. (Mike and Rob)LOL - Joe
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Seems like we're still in school

1. If you want big fish, fish with big baits
2. If you want big fish, fish with line heavier that 4# to avoid heartbreaks.
3. If you want big fish, fish waters with big fish.
4. If you want big fish, fish baits slowly on the bottom.
5. If you want big fish, stealth is necessary.
6. If you want big fish, keep the noodle rods at home.
7. If you want big fish, you may have to put some miles on your vehicle.
8. If you want big fish, a jon boat in classic SM rivers is not the ticket.
9. If you want big fish, fish alone.
10. If you want big fish, silence is golden.

Can you tell what I've been targeting this year?
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What I learned this year...

1] I have learned so many of your names and faces, and it is really great so many of us share and help one another here at this site.

2] I learned I cannot post about a "X" named lake...[lol]

3] I learned so much about fishing the Brewer's worm from this site, but still need to get '101' in, as the trip I had planned to get this 'degree' on had to be cancelled due to horrible weather expected[which never materialized.{* I learned not to heed other's weather reports due to this, well, from one guy anyway-lol.}]

4] I learned SenkoSam has quite a vivid and funny sense of humor[all the posts about 'marmalade colored creature baits---too funny].

5] I learned to close my eyes and pray if 'the hat' is
Actually , Leigh and I have had a tremendous time fishing and driving together, and I thank him profusely for all his generousity and freindship towards me.

6] I learned what compassionate and generous folks the management of Snag Proof is, as they have stepped up three times this year for me to provide their products for three seperate requests I have made on behalf of group postings here at this site for door prizes, or for one guy who had his tackle all stolen who is also from this site.

7] I have learned several new-to-me NY waters from guys at this site, even getting invites to fish them too from many here.

8] I learned "Huge" has some odd phobia of the Senko..[lol]..Not sure why, as it has rocked fish good for me.

9] Finally, I have learned there are numerous really great folks here at NYBass, and that so many are really so willing to teach and share with other anglers freely with straight and honest info. It is really refreshing to see this, as many anglers normally are fairly tight-lipped about their 'secrets'. I salute all of you who give so much !!! I have learned this site is chock-full of great info if you prefor a 'search' function too. Thank you all !

Thanks to NYBass management, the moderators who do so much for us, the advertisers who make it possible by supporting the site, and to all who contribute here !!
Excellent site !!
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I have really learned to slow down now if I can teach my partner! The last few weeks I have learned how deadly the Jig/Pig can be,maybe fewer fish but the size is much better I can see why the "Jig guys" can be hard to beat when the fish are tight to cover or under stuff. John, is so right on the Weather thing(#4).I learned the ugly side of club fishing.
Hmmm...what I learned

1. I learned that I can indeed catch fish on rat-l-traps.

2. I learned how to change my trailer tires.

3. I learned how to use an underwater camera.

4. I learned how to eliminate unproductive water.

5. I learned that Greenwood Lake bass don't like me this year.

6. I learned I have a lot to learn about bass/tournament fishing.

7. I learned I'm ready for a bigger bass boat.

8. I learned how to rewire my bass boat.

9. I learned to be better prepared for on-water problems.

10. I learned about this website which is awesome!
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1) The drop shot rig works. Nick, I told you so!

2) I like Yozuri Hybrid better then Yozuri X tech Cobra. I do like the X-Tex but I gravitated back to Hybrid this final leg of the season. I have not broken off as much as Nick but I too noticed some breaks.

3) I love fun fishing much better then tournament fishing.

4) There are lakes still within a 5 minute ride from my house that make you feel like your in the wilderness.

5) 6 pound test isn't too light. Amen!

6) Despite what John G says, jig n pigs work in Summer.

7) Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

8) I can still catch 200 fish in 4 hours at Lake ^&*%$%^^&

9) I learned that Hugefish hates senkos because he was actually beamed up into a space ship and molested by them several years back.

10) People are catching on and Micro Munch Baits do catch fish.... I've been telling you this for years! Earthy can tie hair jigs!

11) Light tackle is the absolute bomb if you want to catch more fish.

12) Most anglers lack versatility and that is the #1 problem as to why they do not catch fish consistently. They stay with what worked yesterday too long and fail to realize that it will not work today or they think that the fish will miraculously turn on and hit the bait they have been throwing for the past 6 hrs without a touch.

13) Northbass is one of my best friends despite his on water antics and mishaps......this season he managed to keep his clothes on for most of our tournaments but not all. (A big improvement over last year!)

14) Although I hate everyone in my club, I really like them. Except Joe. :D

15) I enjoy the fact that certain people are very negative against me and my partner because we are consistent. See#12 Some people hate to hear that we do well in tournaments. Being the villain is good, I relish it.
Good guys wear black! You'll hate me even more when you see me out on the water in my Tracker PT175 with a 45hp Merc. that I stole for $500.00.

16) Life is all about lube and ball bearings! It's all about the ball bearings.

17) I learned that when things are tough, and they have been at times, go with what you know. Despite my affection for light tackle, Flipping big jigs has saved the day for me several times this season.

18) I've learned things about myself. I am just proud of the achievements that my partner and I have accomplished. I'm pretty humble. Although it may sound like I'm tooting my horn at times, I'm really not. I 've also realized that there are a lot of jealous people (who can all go to hell) who have nothing nice to say regardless of whats going on. I've realized in the grand scheme of things this all means nothing except for friendship and relaxation. Most importantly, I learned that I am satisfied with myself, my performance and I don't care what others think.

19) I've also learned that there are some really great people out there who I call, friends. These people have stuck by me despite my quirks. I'm glad to call guys like Scully, Paulie, Rob, Pat, John, Jay, Charlie and Woody....among others....friends! Thanks guys!

20) Look for a resurrgence of the WormHole this Winter, I'm working on some really good stuff. I'm glad to help out!
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What I've learned......

1) The Jig n' Pig is definitely the #1 big bass lure of all time !

2) ........closely followed by the plastic worm.

3) Don't get trapped using the same lures and techniques......Diversity = Success.

4) Fish HARDER as the fishing gets TOUGHER !!!

5) Always fish with someone who knows a lake BETTER than you (knowledge is power).

6) ......keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open.

7) You're never "too good" to learn something new.

8) Finally, the wealth of knowledge and camaraderie that exists on NYBass is second to none !!!
I'm glad to be a part of such an elite group and eventually look forward to meeting and fishing with most members.

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I've learned that my driving scares a lot more people than just my wife. My philosophy: time spent driving is less time spent fishing.
More to follow. LOL
Lpbassman said:
I've learned that my driving scares a lot more people than just my wife. My philosophy: time spent driving is less time spent fishing.
More to follow. LOL
So is time in the hospital.
Hey guys..its not the end of the year, yet....Still got a few more weeks to go...and still more to learn....:D

Things I've learned this year:

1. Deep water fishing, from 15-50 ft, is an area not a lot of people like to fish. It is slow and tedious, and everything is based on structure and seasonal patterns. But it can be rewarding. Thanks to Pat X and Dave McLaughlin. Tubing and dropshotting is fun.

2. That it aint all pitching and flipping a jig. I caught more fish this year on a jig casting and working it back to the boat than the traditional flip to heavy cover.

3. Dem Connecticutt guys know their stuff. Reading CT. reports, a mainstay is a Zoom Brush Hog. And it catches big fish. Swim it,flip it, deadstick it. A deadly bait.

4. Its not embarrassing to win a tournament on Senkos.

5. Boat handling, maintenance. THanks to Pat, Bob and Dave and my Atlantic Club brothers....

6. Tournament fishing is awesome. It takes a special breed of angler to get really into it....and succeed.

7. Slam the hook hard. And harder!

8. Superline hooks by Gamakatsu . Strong and tough, especially with big line. Close second are the Ultra Points by Mustad. See # 7.

9. Networking. Make new friends, learn new waters and spots. ..wink-wink, Leigh...

10. Everyday, I want to get out of LI and move to CT. THose 2 hr travel times are boring....

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Let's see, what did I learn this year?:rolleyes:

Well, for starters, I learned that if JohnG says your going to be a backup speaker, he really means you better be prepared because, you're up next!

2. I learned why they call Bill Wild. When he isn't catching every fish in the lake, he's imagining (with a little help from his friends (Beatles), some crazy stuff about new lure designs. It was a pleasure to fish with yee.

3. Greg showed me that Blue Fox's Minnow Spins really can catch fish, especially pickerel. I also fully realize that when Greg gets pissed, you can hear him from miles away, (especially if you're turning the boat too fast with the trolling motor while he is trying to aim his water into the can, while standing in John's jon boat.)

4. I learned that mono or other nonbraid line is great for losing lots of Senkos in the Basherkill, when fishing for pickerel. (Thank god I don't use mono.)

5. I found out that pouring my own worm and grubs is not only economical, but another creative side of fishing. More importantly, I can reproduce any color or color combo, style grub or worm (with some limits) and in a matter of minutes. Recently I poured 105 worms/grubs for another site in a lure swap with 21 other guys and found that the quality of the pours can be consistent.

6. I found that what guys said previously (EW) is right on - don't stop using stuff just because it didn't work during the year. Keep an open mind because every lure and technique has it's season.
I had stopped using a spinnerbait for the last couple of years but decided to break one out. Sure enough, pickerel still love them!
Ditto for crankbaits - today I used an Excalibur shad in florescent colors and caught 8 fish.

7. I found that I prefer the 'soft stick' to the J&P and have done well this year on my home mades. (ditto for fat 4" grubs)

8. When it rains, it gd pours!!! and it ruins river fishing for at least a week. :cussing:

9. I relearned the knowledge that the Banjo Minnow still sucks!, regardless of the hype! :cussing:

10. I relearned the reason to not make excuses not to go fishing when you can - you never know when you may not be able to, permanently. So enjoy it while you can and keep in mind the uniquess and wonder of every outing.

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This is turning into a great thread...loaded with humor and in jokes for those of us in the "know" lol.....

keep it coming!!!!
In the past month, I've learned that classes and work can really cut into your fishing time . . .:(
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