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My current quiver of rods consists of:
7'6" light action spinning rod for drop shot and unweighted soft plastics
2-6'9" Heavy action baitcasters for jigs, frogs, anything heavy
7'0" medium action baitcaster for soft plastics, jerkbaits

This probably covers everything I usually throw but I'm trying to get more technique specific rather than just using my heavy action rods for everything. I don't have a dedicated crankbait rod but I don't throw them very often. This seems like an obvious choice but I'd like to hear some other opinions. I'm looking to add at least one more rod. You can suggest brands but I'm cheap and probably won't buy them. I'm more looking for a general length and action recommendations and how you would fish them. Thanks in advance.

I should add I'm looking mainly for baitcasting rods as I have reels lined up already. And I've been doing well this season as far as going out and catching fish, but I'm looking now to improve my technique and hopefully get more quality fish.
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