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Whaley: the last Bastion of Great fishing!!!

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some may argue, but after seeing Maho and hearing the moans from some of the reservoirs and other waters, Whaley sure sounds like a winner!

today, Gregg , Jeff and I were on there and knew that a deep tube bite would be the best bet...and sure enough, it didn't disappoint us as we put 53 assorted bass and pickerel in the boat, plus 3 oddball panfish, including the biggest Crappie I have ever caught in my fishing life, a beautiful one and half pounder, that also took the tube in 25 feet of water!

our range was 17 feet or so to about 25 or a little more......a couple of bigger picks came out of 27 plus feet!!!!

tube bites are great to begin with, but doing that much deep tubing is just a gas!!!

in addition to that, we had a good 10 Bass that were over 2 pounds which for Whaley is excellent ( numbers not size over there).....

Gregg will have a couple of pictures to show with some of the victims, along with the good ol' surprise Crappie......

Time spent on the water with Gregg and Jeff are a barrel of laughs and fun......time passed quickly as usual......

there was also two other prominent bites today: early in the morning ( 8ish) there was a nice hard jerkbait bite over the decaying weeds.....and at various points during the day, Gregg had a nice deep diving crank attack, ala Hugefish style....

but the star was the deep tubing, and with the wind blowing on there like it was, it was not easy maintaining position for this, but we managed another post on this forum, Jerry the Bullfrog reports as he rented a jon on there today, but they would have had a very tough time trying to maintain boat positioning to do that deep bite.....

I'll let Gregg and Jeff come on with their comments and Gregg with a few nice pictures.......not necessarily the biggest fish, but some representative examples.......
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Launch fee still high?

last I heard it was $35!
Mitch, it is 28 dollars......personally, I wish it was 38!!! LOL......

keep this gem a gem.....

when we do the get togethers, he lowers it to 20 bucks......

but unlike Maho, they are friendly, they assist you, and many other countless things......

also, the homeowners on that lake are always friendly.....unlike Maho and some others......
Great fall fishing

Overcast, a little breeze you need a jacket but not bundle up (love that weather) and the tube bite was on! Also cranked and jerked up some fish but the tubes really did the damage. Nothing over 2.5lb but none under 1.5lb Just a great day to be out there.

the look of a happy fisherman
more fun
we let John play too
Talk about a feel good water!

What a great day. Not one fish caught on a Senko (Now I sound Like Huge) Tube bites are fun! And I could not think of two guy's I would rather of shared the day with!

Way to go guys ! Jeff, I can't believe YOU didn't use a senko ! :D

nice day, guys...and great pics....

Id like to fish Whaley one more time before the season the ramp open every time from now till say December..or do you have to make special arrangements....

Joe you have to give him a call and let him know your coming.

Ronnie don't let him fool you Jeff can bang'em out on tubes with the best of them, and he turned John and I onto his guy for jig heads with gammy hooks.
Hey John,
I dont know who looks more or the crappie! LOL
Nice day on the water boys.
Hey John,
I dont know who looks more or the crappie! LOL
Nice day on the water boys.
i gotta get out at least 1 more time.maybe this weekend i will take the kids.nice fish guys!!!.:beerchug:

To bad I didn't see you guys. rocco mentioned someone from NYBass Was out there but i didn't recognize the car he pointed to. At the last outing we caught some fish right in front of the marina and as we started out my brother in-law was casting and caught two bass on his first five casts. so we had some moer hits and just played the current from the channel marker and drifted down the lake. As I mentioned in my post we started doing more rowing than fishing as the wind started picking up.
Your right that the people at the marina and lake are very nice. A few boaters passing by stopped to give us some of there spots.
Where were you fishing i didn't really see anyone else except two guys in an inflatable?
we were mostly down at the South end fishing that deep water....for a good part of the day....we might have been blocked by the Island......

also, intermittent rain and overcast didnt exactly help visibility.....

you would have loved the deep bite!!!!!
Leigh: that picture doesnt show the thickness of that crappie....I was shocked, it was the last thing I expected to take a big tube with a 3 odd hook down there at 25 deep......

I missed a very big one one day at that water also......there must be a bunch of those monsters.....maybe I will pull a 2 pounder out of there someday!

one of my patients has a mounted crappie, 2 and half pounds that he took out of the "OLD" maho...... ( when weeded)
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