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whaley lake

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brother in-law and I went to whaley today. rented a boat from rocco. Got on the water about 10 am. Fished for about 2 hrs. caught about 15 fish total half bass half pics. all fish wre caught in front of marina about 30 yards out from the docks. My bro in-law fished a silver colorado double blade chart. spinner and caught all bass. I was fishing a slider worm and later a weightless tex rigged trout like plastic bait. The slider caught a mix of pics and bass. The biggest bass was about 2 1/2 lbs, the rest were all under 2 lbs. The pics were all small. It was tricky keeping the boat in the zone without an anchor. (alot of rowing)
Tried the small channel between the Island and shore nothing happening. A few light rain showers, all in all a good time.
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Jerry! we didn't know it was you on the water! the wind got horrendous later, would have been very tough on you...we did expceptionally my post....
Nice bunch of fish Jerry. Whats a slider worm?:confused:

Leigh it's your fault I'm addicted to sliders now. LOL
The Pics. really love those things. I had several with the tails bit off, one right at the boat. It was cool to see the whole strike.

Whats a slider worm?
Sliders? we play on them in the park when we were kids :D

I hate when they bite the tail off :mad:
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