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5Bass and myself hit Welch today in the miserable rain. All in all it was pretty much a comedy of errors and misfortune. We started off pounding the dead "Saddle Area" is still dead! We then headed to the Northern point of the island. I was able to crank up a barely legal fish. Off to the "Pump House" where Mike nailed a nice smallie on the crank. Near the "Boat House" Mike Silver Buddied a smallie. Then it was off to the beach. When we first arrived Mike lost a fish on the crank, and then I had a smallie follow. At the tip of the beach point Mike drop-shotted up a largie.

At the end of the beach, near the "Concrete", in the midst of my sudden uncontrollable nose bleed, Mike loses a decent fish on the shot. After I bleed out, we hit a nice transition area near the Mike had a nice fish on that again came unbuttoned. We worked most of the East shore to no avail. Back to the beach.
I crank up a dink largie..Mike brush hogs a dink and then cranks a dink. Then my battery dies...but no problem I brought a spare. I proceed to destroy my right thumb as I drop the battery on it. MORE BLOOD. In between my blood letting Mike almost swamps us twice when he loses his balance in the jon. This guy ain't built for a 12 foot jon boat! LOL.

To add insult to my bloody nose and other injuries, I announce "last cast" while back at the "Saddle". A smallie literally jumps out of the water when I lift my lure from the lake.

5Bass lives up to his screen name catching....5 bass. HugeFish to be found...2 small largies. Problem was that the water was most likely too cold for cranking, but I was just too damn lazy to change techniques today. I knew it was wrong all along, but with the rain.......and the blood, I didn't feel like trying anything else. Kudos to Mike for his multi-technique show. Mike and I made the best of the day laughing at each other's expense. LOL! :beerchug:

<Center>Here is Mike with his first fish of the day:


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Thanks buddy for a wonderful wet cold bloody day LOL.At one point it was freezing rain but the way I look at it when January rolls around we would pray for weather like we had today. Johns knowledge of welch is what put fish in the boat today . We just messed around today if huge and I had wanted to fish hard and slow down we could of put some good fish in the boat but we just moved along quickly and had some laughs Thanks again good buddy. 5bass

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Huge, I know you are a knowledgeable and experienced angler....but didn't at any point you think about putting some of that excess blood onto your bait to entice more strikes??.....LOl
The only problem with doing that is , should it work, you might find oneself cutting yourself, or punching your own nose hard to produce blood to rebait each
Despite your hardships and ailments, you guys sound like you had fun, and that's what it is all about anyway
Thanks for sharing....
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