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Welcome Your New Sponsor: Globe Construction

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NYBASS would like to welcome Globe Construction as our newest sponsor! Many of you know Nick (aka Bassrat) as a welcome and funny presence on the forums, but you may not know that he actually works for a living!... That's right!...Nick's a Restoration Contractor. I've heard good things about his business, so if you've recently had fire damage or just need general construction services, call you friendly NYBASS pal Nick Russo and he'll be sure to hook you up!

Thanks Nick and the boys for your support!!
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will be nice to see Nicky's banner flying high on NyBass......

also, since his business has nothing to do with fishing, he won't be "muscling" in on other people's territory! LOL.....

Nicky: thank you heartfully, and I hope it helps you garner more work my friend!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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