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Welch again 10/28

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Dad and I headed up to Lake Welch in Harriman State Park. The weather was great and so was the foilage. I would describe the fishing Just not enough wind today to really get the fish going on the cranks. We managed 5 keepers and 2 dinks. 6 out of the 7 fish were smallies. Nothing like fishing in the park during a weekday in Fall. We were the only boat on the lake the whole day. You gotta love it. I also like the jolt that this bronzie gave me.

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anyday you catch smallmouth like that is a good day!!!did you catch him on a crank or something else?:beerchug:
Dodge...I just crank that lake until my arms fall off! LOL!
Look real close to that bass


That's a real nice specimen of a Welch smallie and I thought that fish looked familiar from years past, I had to zoom in by your hand but I knew it looked familiar, that fish has my mark on it:D


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Only teasing

But I am sure there is a 4lb smallie there very close to that spot where the picture was taken, according to the little bit of background in the picture.....and it either has your, your dads or Andrews name on it.

Oh how I miss Welch :( ....a little bit;)
Scott, that bass has your name on it! LOL!

Can boats be put on Lake Welch after the 31st or does the PIPC change the locks?
Bill, they are suppose to keep the same lock on until November is over. However, there are times when they lock a second gate. When they do that.....I am not happy.
2nd gate

John & Bill,

If they lock the second gate just run around the lake to Beaver Pond campground, I know last year before I moved I raised hell a few times over that gate being locked, especially a few mornings when I was there in the early hours of the morning and found it locked.

If you are there early and find it locked make sure to incovenience them as much as you have been, like leave the car parked in front of the booth, they love that!!!:D
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