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We are NOT done!!

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I am dying to keep using this liquid water while we have it! I have heard that the Federation Meeting is this weekend, is is Saturday or Sunday? I would like to have another Tourney on Conesus, this Saturday December 6th! It will be the usual $30 per boat, with 100% payback. Someone give me a holler, I will wait for "formal" anouncement once I can confirm the Fed meeting. We can't have one of these without Noel and Ted!!:D

Seth V
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Fed meeting is Sunday. I thought about Saturday on the water as well. I am also considering having the boat winterized later this week, and getting in my dad's shop for a few days to dry it out before storage. I figured if I wanted to get out any more this year, you are only a phone call away! :D
There ain't too many places in this state you could even hold a tournament in December :D

Gary, we would love for some of you guys to come out here in the Spring. Our club has an open tournament on Erie May 22. This might a be great time for some of you to come on out. We could pair you guys up with some of us NYBASSers (Seth, Charlie, Ted, Gregg, Todd, myself etc.) It would be a great opportunity!!!

See ya Sunday!
Yes, we do have exemption here. All of the Western Finger Lakes (Conesus, Hemlock, Canadice, Honeoye, Canandaigua, Keuka, and Seneca Lakes) have a season that doesn't close until March 15th. This is great for this late Fall fishing, but I wish it was restricted to "open water only". There are ALOT of ice fishermen that don't really do much catch and releasing through the ice.

Believe me, if the season were closed here, I wouldn't be fishing for them. But I think everyone knows that by now :D
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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