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We are NOT done!!

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I am dying to keep using this liquid water while we have it! I have heard that the Federation Meeting is this weekend, is is Saturday or Sunday? I would like to have another Tourney on Conesus, this Saturday December 6th! It will be the usual $30 per boat, with 100% payback. Someone give me a holler, I will wait for "formal" anouncement once I can confirm the Fed meeting. We can't have one of these without Noel and Ted!!:D

Seth V
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Ok, we are ON then!!! Here is the scoop!

Saturday, December 6th
Conesus State Ramp
7:00 - 1:00 (6 hours)
3 Fish Limit
$30 per boat, includes big bass
100% Payback
You can fish alone or with a partner.


Seth V
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By my count, you have about 20 Saturdays to make up for the :cussing: :argue: :cussing: :argue: :cussing: :argue: best get this last one in! I know you won't miss it. You have all winter to be a bum and work for the wife!!!

See YOU Saturday!!!


Seth V
Re: Bass season closed in NYS?

Paladin said:
Do you all have an exemption on Consesus?
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