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Watershed's 2003 Classic results:
10/ll l0/12
Day 1 Day 2 Total Candy Lilly

1-J.Rodrigues 16-6 14-15 31-5
2-T.Thompson 14-10 15-13 30-7
3-J.Mahood l0-6 7-5 17-11
4-MenchenSr. 3-1 l0-3 13-4
5-W.Mahood 8-6 4-9 12-15
6-B.D'Addio 4-5 7-0 ll-5
7-J.Ziolkowski 5-15 2-6 8-5
8-C.Mitchell 6-9 0 6-9
9-MenchenJr. 0 6-8 6-8
l0-B.Nethercott 0 5-11 5-11

Day l Lunker - J. Mahood 4-8 LMB
Day 2 Lunker - J. Mahood 4-13 "

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Nice numbers for J Rod and Timmy...

...but does that zero next to the 8th place finisher mean that he didn't fish on the second day?

Have you been fishing in your backyard Gary? Would like to wet a line with you next spring if you wouldn't mind. Looks very inviting!

Thanks again for your hospitality after the Copake tourney, you have a great place.

Did you get that picture I sent?


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Boy the hammer went out and hammered them. I will tell you guys from the expierences I had fishing with watershed timmy T is one hell of a fisherman this guy is dangerous at anytime of the season and he shure can fish . congrats to all (cub even with that zippo you still the man). 5bass

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Joe ,
Sure did get the picture, it was great of you to do that.
Fishing has been great this Oct on Robinson. Greg got a 5-13 and I got a 5-4 and a 7-7 last Sun. The jig bite is on big time. I expect it to last until ice. You're more than welcome again. Let me know when you have a free day. Most of the work around the house is done so more time for fishing.
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