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Wishin' I Was Fishin'
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Nothing much to add, except.......

........ what a great day, on the last weekend of December! Absolutely fabulous weather (downright warm in the middle of the day), the fish were biting, and I got to share the day with two good friends. Even though we had a couple, early morning obstacles, we worked it out and went fishing. Can it get any better than that?

BTW..... I take offense to the drain-plug crack.:D

That, I think, was my last outing. I feel fullfilled..... at peace for the remainder of the cold-weather season to come. Obviously, the boat needs a little attention, and the next decent day I get, I'll get her ready for her winter's nap.

Noel's quote of the day: "I can still hear the water rushing in...... I think we're o.k."

C'ya on the water,
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