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Hello, Ralph.

Welcome to! :)

There are people here who have fished Waneta & Lamoka Lakes, and I'm sure they will chime in.

Definitely more "pond-like" than the surrounding Finger Lakes, they are beautiful to fish. Waneta stands at 800 acres, and Lamoka is just under 600 acres in size. Each has its own launch ramp, as most boats (except canoes and small tin boats) will not fit through the bridge culvert which crosses the canal between the two lakes. I believe there are plans to create a full bridge across the canal in the near future, which would allow full access to both lakes without having to load the boat back up on the trailer and launch again "across the street."

I fished the "Lamoka" side in a tournament in 2002, and Lamoka offers more shoreline structure and deeper water than Waneta. Although Largemouths can be caught with traditional methods during the warm months, I'd concentrate on Smallies this time of year. Dragging a tube jig below the deep weedline (say, 12-16 ft.) may just be the ticket, as both Waneta and Lamoka have persistent populations of Smallmouth.

I believe Muskies are stocked annually in Waneta, but not Lamoka. There are some huge Muskies in Waneta. DEC electroshockings have revealed Muskies to 50 pounds there.

Here's a link to the Lamoka Waneta Lakes Association, which may offer some information to help you make your decision as well:

If you are looking for "different water," then these lakes are it, but who's to say how they will produce this time of year (I would say the savvy bass anglers could nab a few good Smallies there right now). Since I have never fished them in fall, perhaps waiting until next summer might yield better results for you. Also, I don't know how the water levels are this time of year. The canal which joins the lakes is VERY shallow to begin with. If there is a drawdown of only a foot or two, it could be impossible to get a typical bassboat through it and into the open water.

From what I understand, Oneida's Smallmouth potential is very, very high right now. Have you fished there recently?

If you go to Waneta & Lamoka Lakes, please post up a report. I, for one, would love to hear how your day went, productive or not.

Hope that's at least a start for you. :yes:

Tight Lines...

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Thanks for all of the info.

I won't be going out any time soon, I was thinking more next summer.

Re Oneida, I usually stop fishing it (by boat) the second week in October because of the bow season. The fishing is really good then, and from what I hear, it stays good up until first ice.

The smallies really ball-up in the fall and are vulnerable.

Thanks again
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