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baby, it's cold INSIDE! LOL.....
water temps just dropped from 48 to 44 degrees.........

however, on returning there, Gregg and I had thought a lot of different strategy and came out with a few bags of tricks and this time we managed to put 8 quality fish in the boat, spearheaded by a nice 3 pounder each!

as mentioned in a previous post, the rain in the AM was unexpected, however, wind was noticeably and blissfully non existent today, so it made it easier to stop and fish, and good thing, because on the way to our destination, the anchor on the Minn Kota electric housing came out and was not there when we got to the water!!!!! HOley MOley....where did it go????

no need for an anchor today as winds were the calmest as on any day I have seen so far this entire season.......

blade, tube......they were the biggies.....tubing required virtually a deadsticking approach....and what a light pickup! almost undetectable......

because of that , they were taking this things way down their gullet, ala senkos where you don't recognize the pick up......

fortuately Gregg and I worked together in those instances and quickly cut the barbs and released these good specimens without harm........

Gregg forgot his camera and mine was on dead batteries.....oh well.......

I will say that for Nov 15, and 44 degree water, we were kind of ecstatic with our outcome............

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John, nice rebound from last time!! Calm waters helped you guys today, but I feel it hampered me at Silver. I like some wind this time of year!! (but not like what we had late last week)

I have to get a handle on those blade bait things. That is one lure I have NEVER caught anything on before. But then again, I guess you have to throw them to have success with them! :D

The light hits are happening here to. Yesterday my dad was reporting the same thing. He likes to cast tubes rather than drag them, and he said the hits were really non-existant. They were just "there". Dragging is no exception. I have had the same thing happen over the last three weeks or so. Hits are sometimes just a faint hint of a tick, among the rapping away of the tube on the rocks along the bottom. You really have to pay attention, and know what your tube is doing at all times!! And as you know, the bigger the fish, the less of a noticable strike.

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Way to Go !

I am amazed you are still catching fish.

I tried Kenisco today for two hours nothing.

I think for me its time to hang up the tackle for the season. Please recharge those camera batteries for your next conquest. Does Wampus ever close ?

Fish Hard and keep posting pictures



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Bob: you can continue to fish Wampus as long as you can take the elements! LOL....

Noel: I could see how the wind would help you in those smallie waters you are fishing right now.....

in Wampus, LM and Pickerel only, right now, wind is killer.......

I have such confidence in the blade bait.... I really feel that if I put it in front of a fish they will take it most times......

what we still couldn't unearth today was the suspended fish......or whatever they were......

I resorted to an old rig where I put a mojo weight about a foot up the line from a suspending husky jerk.....I will then get a foot per second drop.....after casting it out, I count it down and then retrieve it the same way you would at the surface with a one , one, one-two cadence.......I have used that successfully on suspended fish in the spring when they are staging, however, it also was not able to uncover who these guys are that I am picking up on my sonar....

last time out on Wampus I tried using diving cranks to no avail, so this time I went with this other rig......

if I had to fish it tomorrow and encountered the same thing, my next choice would be to double weight a soft jerk ( meaning two nail weights , in probably a thrasher) and count that baby down and then go into it's characteristic retrieve......I was able to use that pretty well on Maho earlier this year....would give them yet another different look...

now maybe these suspended fish are simply in totally neutral mode, perhaps.......all of our fish WERE caught on the bottom, ranging from about 12 to 20 feet......

all were caught on sloping shorelines, and in all instances we had to slowly walk the lure DOWN the slope toward the deeper water....

Noel: someday I will have to do this tube draggin smallie thing with you up there!!!

and Bob: as promised, I will get you on Wampus next season, but I would prefer a better time of the year so that you can really see what the lake has to offer.....

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The light hits are happening here to. Yesterday my dad was reporting the same thing. He likes to cast tubes rather than drag them, and he said the hits were really non-existant. They were just "there". Dragging is no exception.
Yup "just there" to maybe a little weight, no hit or tap.

But have to get the last couple of trips of the season in :D

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Congrats guys on putting some nice fish in your boat under the tough conditions...
One question though Doc...while you were 'doctoring' them badly-stuck fish, did you have Gregg in a nurse's outfit when he 'assisted' you, and yell STAT at him if he was slow??? LOL..[sorry Gregg}..LOL
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