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Has anyone heard from Vic lately?

He had quality posts in the beggining of the year from Kensico. I havn't seen a post from him since, I think, August. He was killing the bass on Kensico, then all of a sudden he was gone.

If I recall correctly, he got a bad back and he found it tough to row. I wonder if thats what kept him away.

If he did fish through the fall, i wonder how he made out.

Gregg, I know you fished with him quite often in the spring, maybe you know what happened.

If anyone has not seen his posts from the beggining of the year, go back and check it out. This guy was up for NYbass fisherman of the year until Hugefish picked up his game.

Just wondering,


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Haven't heard from Vic since the trip John, Vic and I took up to the Creek! Sent him a PM wonder if he checks them! Will have to give him a call.

Vic where are you we miss ya

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Vic is alive and well , just working hard. I just got off the phone with him an hour ago. Will tell him to check the board if I speak to him again tommorow.

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