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Finally got out between home projects for a couple of hours yesterday. It's been a tough summer for me to find time to fish. Between a new kiddo, new position at work, selling our house, and getting ready to move halfway across the country.........I haven't had much time to fish at all.

We didn't catch a ton of fish, I think maybe 6-7 total......this is more of a big fish vs. quantity lake. Luckily with no tournaments left this summer I'm able to spend time on lakes I enjoy fishing vs. spending time on tourney waters practicing. I gotta say it's really nice to fish with no pressure and just hang with a buddy for a's been a while since I've been able to just go for fun.

99% of the last minute home projects are done and the house will finally be listed tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a couple of outings in the next couple of weeks while we wait for the house to sell.

4lb fish caught by my buddy Dan:

5lb fish caught by me:

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