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UL Crankbaits

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Plano box with:
3 Deep Diving Yo Zuri minnows-Bluegill, Chart Purple, Shad (all new)
3- 1/8oz Sea Strike Pop-R's
4- 1/8oz Tiny Rat L Traps- Gold/Chrome, Smokey Joe, Firetiger, Craw
1- Rebel wee frog
1-Lazy Ike Flat fish
3- Mann's Tiny 1 Minus-Shad, Shad/Blue back, Chart Shad
1-Rebel Helgramite
6- Spook Pooches- Chrome blk, G Finish smallmouth, Clear, Frog, Red Head, Firetiger
6- Teeny Torpedo- Pupmkinseed, Crawtiger, Frog, Bullfrog, Black shore minnow, Red head
1- Pin's minnow Purple shiner
4- Rebel Wee Craws- Firetiger deep diver, Nat. Craw, Ditch craw, Red craw
2- Bomber tiny A's-Craw, Chart bass

35 crankbaits and box for $50.00
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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