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UConn bragging rights

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Got to love the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. ( No, it's not the swimsuit issue) UConn basketball ,#1 in the nation, in both men's and women's
college bball. Okafor & Taurasi make a powerhouse pix. Should be an exciting season. :beerchug:
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They impressively built up a solid football program that should do well in the new Big East that is coming. To bad West Virginia will win every year though...
I'll give the football team a few years to get going. I remember when UConn was the doormat of the Big East basketball schedule. Georgetown , Syracuse & St. John's would eat them alive. But they got better every year, and won it all in 99. Only worry is that football coach Edsall has shown he can build a winning team, and he might get grabbed by a powerhouse football school, before UConn gets to reach it's potential. Should be interesting the next few years. Then watch out West Virginia.
hey Tim...your Huskies didnt look too good against Georgia Tech last night.....:D
Hey Joe
Your right, stunk up the Garden. Although Okafor was hurting, there was a general lack of hustle from almost everybody else. One thing to remember is the pre season polls were figured with Charlie Villanueva (spelling? ) in the line up. He was considered a legit NBA prospect right out of high school and attended a few NBA try out camps. Never signed an agent, so he thought he was keeping his college options open. Decided to attend UConn, and would definitly be a starter. Now the NCAA has been jerking UConn around for several months as they investigate whether Villanueva violated some technicallity when attending the NBA camps. Has sat out 4 games as they ponder the situation. Reality is an "unofficial" suspention. Wish they would S**T or get off the pot. Not saying UConn would have won with him, but I think it would have been a better game. Now that UConn has lost a game, and will rightfully drop out of #1 ranking, maybe the NCAA will think they have punished them enough, and let Villanueva play.
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