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Last year I was fishing with my father in a friend's small boat. He was fishing a soft plastic worm when he got snagged - he pulled hard and the worm came flying towards us and fell in the water within inches of the side of the boat. There was slack line all over the boat, to which he simply said "sorry". I didn't care because this sort of thing happens. When he finished reeling in the slack he told me that he had something and my immediate response was to tell him he was tangled on something on the boat. Sure enough he ended up pulling in a beautiful largemouth bass. What are the odds of him catching not just any fish but a gorgeous fish on a worm that just dropped in the water at the side of the boat after being snagged?
We joked that whole afternoon about saying the word "sorry" brings us luck with catching big fish.
Fast forward one year later. This afternoon we went out on the same lake to test this boat he had been fixing up, and sure enough we retold the "sorry" story again (for the hundredth time). As we were fishing I got my spinner bait stuck in a tree that had fallen over into the lake. I didn't want us to have to pull up anchor to go get it, so I gave it a hard yank and it came loose flying straight back and landing in the water just a few inches from the side of the boat. Of course the "sorry" story came right to my head so I jokingly said sorry just for a laugh. I reeled in my slack and I kid you not - at the end of the slack I felt weight so I set the hook and this beautiful largemouth was at the end of my line.

What are the odds of that same situation happening twice... Both resulting in nice fish?
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