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Two Days....Two Reservoirs....

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Kensico Reservoir 10/31/03
I was very eager to fish Kensico (Rye Lake) once again since I got my butt kicked on the last 3 outings. This day was not much a hefty yellow perch on a crankbait and lost something while dragging a tube....that's it....major SKUNK !!!

The air temp was in the 60's with a mild wind and the water temp peaked at 55 degrees. An interesting fact....the thermocline still existed in certain parts of the lake at 20'. Once again, short of throwing sawbellies, every lure and technique was employed to no avail, I'm finally convinced there are no bass in the lake ! Conclusion: Kensico Is Not A Fall Lake !!!

Muscoot Reservoir 11/1/03
Still recovering from the beating at Kensico yesterday, I fished Muscoot today to gain back some confidence and regain my dignity. As usual, there were no disappointments as my partner and I boated 26 Bass and 3 huge Picks....what a difference a lake makes !!!

All the bass ranged between 1lb. and 2lbs. with the two biggest about 2 1/2 lbs. each. Certainly nothing impressive but a welcomed change after the major spanking I got the day before.

The water temp was 54 degrees in the morning and later peaked to 57 degrees. We spent a good portion of the day fishing over weed flats between 10' and 15' of water with little success....kind of surprising since that's a typical fall pattern at Muscoot.

Needless to say, the fish were tight to gently sloping and weedy shorelines. Plastics ruled the day as the tube and the senko were responsible for the majority of the fish. We also caught a few on spinnerbaits, lipless cranks and crankbaits but these baits were not the best choice as there was absolutely no wind the entire day !

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Ronnie: thanks for the updates, especially relevant to my Indian Summer Gauntlet post on Places!!

now, Muscoot is your confidence water for sure, however, it also is obviously a better water to fish right now under these conditions....

by the way: Vic and Jeff were on Kensico today, and although they didnt catch the numbers you caught on Muscoot, I think one of them nailed a 5 pounder......

also, you didnt get skunked on Kensico, you caught a perch!!!

this is, didnt you know that?? LOL>>>>>>>
JOHN G said:
also, you didnt get skunked on Kensico, you caught a perch!!!
this is, didnt you know that??
LOL !!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
It was Vic!

I got my butt kicked only landing One 3lb SM Vic kicked my butt with one of his own creations.

Kensico sure does suck lately. Fall lake indeed.

Ronnie, I'm looking forward to Muscoot this week. Sounds like Muscoot is exactly the right type of lake for this Indian Summer we're having in November. Glad you guys redeemed yourselves yesterday!

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