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Summer is in the air. It’s great time to go out for stretching ourselves after long time hibernation in winter and spring. Everything is going to thrive with abundant sunlight and timely rainfall. Flowers are starting to bloom; mews are circling around above the sea; trout are swimming merrily seeking for food. Can you miss such a great chance for working out and relaxing for trout fishing? You can also be a trout angling master with the right rules to follow.

To find out the right place for angling is first priority. Trout are becoming extremely active in summer and they are omnivorous foodies. Places where there is plenty of food are their preferences. When fishing in the stream or urban areas, you need to find the place where the inlet or outlet where different currents meet. Inlet and outlet are generally rich in oxygen and nutrition. Another option is the dam. With the temperature rising in summer, trout tend to live in deeper water to stay cool. Dam provides that cooling shelter and food supplier of other smaller fish such as baitfish. You will be lucky enough to get access to a spring. Trout is attracted to spring too with cool water and rich oxygen and food supplies. Remember key point for finding trout fishing place is to look for somewhere with cool water, enough oxygen and food supply.

To select the right time for angling also matters for trout fishing. Though summer sunlight motivate trout for more activity; that doesn’t mean trout are dead fans for sunlight. Overwhelming and strong sunlight dread trout just as well. Thus they tend to retreat to deeper water or stay sluggish when sunlight is strong. Thus the best time landing trout during the day is to early morning and dawn. Before the sun rise up, temperature doesn’t go up and trout tend to
show up more frequently. After sunset, water temperature is becoming cooling down and trout is likely to come out for food too. And you will have a larger chance of landing of trout at night when the moon is becoming full. There will be enough light for them to seek food with the least disturbance.

To use the right fishing gear is also crucial. You need to choose the right fishing rod, fishing line, fishing hook and fishing lures etc. For handheld fishing rod, it’s the best to choose 6.3-7.2m carbon fiber type. Since trout is very sensitive, the fishing line shall not be too eye-catching and shall equip with great signal transmission. Normally fishing line with #0.6 diameter is great choose for traditional trout fishing. #4 or #5 ISEAMA fishing hook is good choice. Since trout are foodies, you need to prepare enough lures. You can DIY your own lures. Make sure you have enough to satisfy them. There are also many trout fishing lure kits available in the market. You can also choose to buy from market.

So long as you follow the right rules, this summer can be your great time to enjoy angling trout.
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