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Trip to Chautauqua

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Son has a week off from school this week. Just wondering what kind of shape Lake Chautauqua was in after the BFL Tourn. Would like to come up for 2-3 days to fish for smallies & or walleye if the bass were not doing anything.
Thanks ahead for any info that you can give.
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Chaut lake

The weather up here is turning bad again. There is a high wind warning out for Wed, Thurs. with gusts up to 50MPH.
Sunday the fishing was good Chautauqua lake Bassmasters had there classic day 2 There were 8 boats fishing and 3 bags over 20lbs. The winner had a two day total of 40 lbs.

THere is a OPEN tornament sat the 18th. Chaut Lake Bassmasters is sponsoring. The walleye are slow this year. mostly been hiding in the weeds. SOme say the lake has turned over but im not sure about that. Any other questions jsut ask. I live on the lake..
When are you comming up and do you need a place to stay?
Was supposed to leave last night. Had problems with truck. Got that fixed today finally. Had to replace fuel pump twice. First one was defective even thought it was new. Anyway, the plan now is to leave sunday afternoon and arrive late sunday night. Approx 7-8 hr drive. Will fish M,T,W,T. Was thinking about staying @ Redwood Ranch @ Bemus Bay if they have anything available. If u would, keep me posted on conditions. I will keep checking this web site everynite until I get ready to leave.

Thanks for all your help.
sat report

Fished the tourn sat. PArtner and I weighed in 24.5 lbs of smallies
they were on fire. THe weather is kinda rainiy and cool. but i thnk you ll have a good time. I live right in Bemus WIll be at work mon. BUt give me a call tues and i ll give you some suggestions on where to go.. # 386- REEL

Tried to call

Tried to call 3 different times reelguy18. Only thing I got was a machine. Left a message. Just wondering what happened.



I got your messages. Im really sorry i couldnt get back to you.
I work for a fire department. I had to work a lot during the time you were here and wasnt home. Im a Fire Inv. and we had 3 fires in 2 days (one being a fatal) Again sorry for not responding til now..HOw was your trip? Did you guys get into any fish. The fishing from what i gathered from so other locals had slowed down with the weather the way it has been.
If you need anything else or are planning on coming up again ...
call me..The # rings into my office at home...
Did here a lot of sirens

All in all a good trip. Good Monday, but down hill from there. Especially with the wind T, W, T. Fished 3 hrs. early Fri. morning and had to leave. Had 1 - 2.5 smallie off the uppper crib Fri. morning. As you already know, its makes for tough fishing when the wind is rolling down the lake. You could do me a favor. Thursday morning on the way to the ramp, my life jacket blew out of the boat. It came out somewhere on the main drag there between where you turn in to Redwood ranch and the school where you turn to go to the ramp. It was a Red & Black Cabelas Life Jacket. I discovered it missing as soon as I got to the ramp. I turn around and went back to look for it & could not find it. Could have not laid there in the road for more than 3-4 minutes. It was gone that quick. If you happen to here of anyone finding it, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Would like to come back up but out of vacation. Will have to wait until sometime next year. Really like that lake.

Thanks for all your help. Maybe we can get together next trip.
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