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Got out fishing yesterday with John(NYCAngler) to do some reservoir fishing. All I can say is that it was tough! The first reservoir we hit had water temps between 84-86 degrees surface temps. We started out throwing deep cranks and bottom baits in the deeper water with no takers. We then headed to fish some steep banks with senkos and bottom baits and that only yielded a few micro largemouth on the senko.

What was the new game plan? Go to Dunkin Donuts and regroup. We decided to hit another reservoir that I have never fished before and That John hasn't fished since the early spring. Once we got their the wind picked up a little which made staying on the structure hard. We focused on rock wall that were found by using the graph. We kept making drifts over what we thought were the high percentage areas, just like you would do fluke fishing in the salt. We fished bottom baits mainly. On the first pass, nothing except John loosing a few jigs. Second pass, I get a good hit and set the hook hard. It had my Rapsody 7'3" Hot Rod doubled over. On strait 60lb braid, I was really nervous. This fish was fighting like a big blackfish in saltwater, which only meant it was a big smallmouth. John scooped it up in the net and I was in shock! I took a few pictures and put her on the scale.

She weighed 4lbs 12oz exactly.
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We made a few more drifts which produced a nice 2 and change smallie for John and my first tube fish which was a small largemouth.

John is very camera shy.
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The threat of rain and the sounds of thunder made us get off the water. This ending a great day on the water.

Catching is better...
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I was very disappointed for Nick to not see the red rod in the frame. That's a great fish!!!

However, I spoke to Bob at Rapsody to see if we could get him at least a $25 off for mentioning the Rapsody Rod he used to catch such a nice bass.

Bob said because Nick has been a good customer and contributor he is going to award him the $50 gift certificate anyways. The only thing is Nick's fish will not be eligible to win a Rapsody Maestro Series ($199 value) for the Biggest Bass at year end caught with a Rapsody Rod.

Nice gesture on Bob's part for sure. And thanks to Nick for his continued support. Also congrats on a new PB smallie!!!
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