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Touching base

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Hi everyone. Been a few months since I've been here. School was a very hectic time for me, and took a lot more of my time than I had originally thought. The first semester is finally over with, and man, did it go fast. I passed all my classes, except for one, which I withdrew from. Accounting. YUCK!! I'll be taking it again next semester with a different teacher. Unfortunately with the school schedule the way it was, I wasn't able to find any steady work, so I'm hoping to be able to find a full time job now that I have some time off.

Well, I wanted to stop in and wish you all a Meery Christmas, happy holidays, and a very happy new year. I hope you all get what you asked Santa for.

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It should be like that...Dont stress over school..."Cs" get degrees too" back to the boards and forget all that school nonsense...I think you are already way too smart anyway...

Mark D
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