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Toronto Reservoir 10/12

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Toronto Reservoir, October 12th, 2003. 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

1st Bassmasters decided to relocate its first Hudson River tournament of the season to the Toronto Reservoir due to potential overcrowding at the Kingston launch. It was a cool 52 at the 7AM start time, but the day warmed, and the sun was pretty strong at times. The water temperature was down between 62 and 64 degrees, but neither the Smallmouth, or Largemouth were feeding aggressively. The warm, sunny day clouded up around Noon, but even that didn't turn on the bite.

It was very slim pickings for most of the competitors with only 2 anglers presenting limits and only 5 out of 13 anglers weighing in fish. Scott Caravella won his 4th tournament of the year, and increased his lead in the Angler of the Year standings to more than 20lbs over Noam Freedman. There was a tie for Lunker when Scott weighed in a 3lb 10oz Smallmouth, and Rich Kappes weighed in a 3lb 10oz Largemouth. While the numbers were light, the fish were not with average fish weighing nearly 3lbs.

Air Temp: 52 Start - 72 Finish
Water Temp: 62 Start - 64 Finish
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Breezy
Water: High, clear

Scott Caravella - 5 fish - 14lbs 6ozs
Ken Cutler - 5 fish - 10lbs 15ozs
Rich Kappes - 2 fish - 6lbs 2oz
James Mead Sr. - 1 fish - 3lbs 5ozs
Matt Jones - 1 fish - 2lbs 15ozs
Noam Freedman - 0 fish
Aaron Salovin - 0 fish
Keith Muller - 0 fish
JP Mead - 0 fish
Mike Kreloff - 0 fish
Joe Sullivan - 0 fish
Jonathan Sunshine - 0 fish
Moish ?

# of fish caught: 14, 12 SM, 2 LM
Released Alive: 14
Total weight: 37lbs 11ozs
Ave weight: 2lbs 11ozs
Lunker: Scott Caravella - 3lb 10ozs Smallmouth
Rich Kappes - 3lb 10ozs Largemouth


Here are the updated Standings:

1st. Bassmasters 2003 Season Standings After 14 Events:

Position Name Events # Fish Weight Points (Rank) Avg. Fish
1st Place: Scott Caravella (B) 14 50 90lbs 8ozs 761(1) 1.81 lbs.
2nd Place: Noam Freedman (B) 14 41 70lbs 2ozs 732(2) 1.71 lbs.
3rd Place: James Mead, Sr (B) 14 42 67lbs 11ozs 700(3) 1.61 lbs.
4th Place: Mike Kreloff (B) 11 31 57lbs 14ozs 560(5) 1.86 lbs.
5th Place: Matthew P. Jones (N) 10 24 45bs 11ozs 500(6) 1.90 lbs.
6th Place: J.P. Mead (N) 13 26 41lbs 11ozs 643(4) 1.53 lbs.
7th Place: Keith Muller (B) 10 22 33lbs 10ozs 442(7t) 1.53 lbs.
8th Place: Aaron Salovin (B) 7 20 32lbs 4ozs 355(9) 1.61 lbs.
9th Place: Ken Cutler (B) 4 19 32lbs 3ozs 236(10) 1.69 lbs.
10th Place: Bob DePaolo (B) 10 14 26lbs 7ozs 442(7t) 1.89 lbs.
11th Place: Richard Kappes (B) 5 7 13lbs 5ozs 209(11) 1.91 lbs.
12th Place: Bill Benzenberg (G) 1 5 11lbs 4ozs n/a 2.25 lbs.
13th Place: Steve Crawford (N) 3 6 9lbs 14ozs 134(12) 1.64 lbs.
14th Place: Tom Keener (N) 1 5 9lbs 5ozs 54(17) 1.87 lbs.
15th Place: Steve Krause (N) 2 5 8lbs 4ozs 114(13) 1.65 lbs.
16th Place: Dan Coykendall (B) 2 4 5lbs 14ozs 113(14) 1.93 lbs.
17th Place: D.J. DePaolo (G) 2 5 4lbs 12ozs n/a 1.58 lbs.
18th Place: Ralph (G) 1 1 1lbs 3ozs n/a 1.20 lbs.
19th Place: Alex Hecht (N) 1 1 0lbs 15ozs 57(16) 14 ozs.
20th Place: Joseph Sullivan (N) 5 0 0lbs 0ozs 100(15) n/a
20th Place: Ken Hecht (N) 2 0 0lbs 0ozs 40(18) n/a
20th Place: Jonathan Sunshine (G)1 0 0lbs 0ozs n/a n/a
20th Place: Moish (G) 1 0 0lbs 0ozs n/a n/a

(B) - Denotes Boater, (N) - Denotes Non-Boater, (G) - Denotes Guest

Points System:

* 20 Points for fishing an event.
* +40 for 1st place, +39-2nd, +38-3rd, etc... for anglers presenting fish
* A 1 point bonus is earned for Lunker.
* In the event of a tie for total weight, points standings will act as the tie breaker.


1st. Bassmasters 2003 Lunker Leaders

Lunker Largemouth: 4lbs 14ozs Scott Caravella Peck's Pond, PA 8/17/03
Lunker Smallmouth: 3lbs 10ozs Scott Caravella Toronto Reservoir, NY 10/12/03


1st. Bassmasters 2003 Category Leaders (trail-by amount in parentheses)

Angler of the Year: Scott Caravella - 90lbs 8ozs
Noam Freedman - 70lbs 2ozs (-20lbs 6ozs)
James Mead Sr. - 67lbs 11ozs (-22lbs 13ozs)

Rookie of the Year: Scott Caravella - 90lbs 8ozs
Matt Jones - 45bs 11ozs (-44lbs 13ozs)

Non-Boater of the Year: Matt Jones - 45bs 11ozs
J.P. Mead - 41lbs 11ozs (-4lb)

Jr. Angler of the Year: J.P. Mead - 41lbs 11ozs

Most Improved Angler: Noam Freedman - +28lbs 5ozs
J.P. Mead - +23lbs 2ozs (-5lbs 3ozs)


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Toronto open to bassboats?

I didn't know that. Are there special regulations?
Toronto is open to boats with gas motors fer sure! Like Swingingbridge there is a pretty decent DEC ramp there that is
FREE of Charge
Man...its nice to hear that in NY. LAUNCH FREE OF CHARGE

PS: Yes, I really do have a job! LOL
can you tell me more about....

the regulations, hours of operation etc? Also what type of lake is it, is it hard to get to and is the fishing decent?

Like Swingingbridge the ramp is open---all day and all night. Fish it whenever you want to. It has both largemouth and smallmouth bass & has a fairly rocky shoreline. It looks very similar to Swingingbridge but it is not as big and I dont beleive its quite as deep.

To get there take Route 17 to the MONTICELLO RACEWAY EXIT. I think its exit 104 or 105. Take 17B North, pass the turn off for Swingingbridge and continue to Rte 55. Left on Route 55.

Noam---help us out've been there more recently than I have.
Toronto is a fickle lake...some times of the year it fishes like a pure Smallmouth fishery, other times the Largemouth are the only active fish.

Leigh is correct, take 17 to exit 104 (Racetrack) stay on 17B through White Lake, take a left on to 55 towards Eldred. A couple of miles down there will be a large red & white sign on the left with Russian on it. I believe it is shaped like an arrow, turn left. Down that road at the bottom of the hill is the ramp.


Das Fredonia!
Is there places to stay on/near Toronto Reservoir?

My bass club went to Swinging Bridge Res. last year to fish a tourney and I was wondering if there are rentals available on or near Toronto Res. How would you or anyone on board rate TR as a fishery? Thanks for the info....Mark
I do not know of anywhere to rent boats on Toronto.

I would suggest staying in Monticello, there is a Best Western, a Ramada, and a couple of independant Motels, all within 20 minutes of the launch.

I would rate Toronto a 10 out of 10 for quality of fish...2 tournaments we averaged over 2 lbs a fish, and the last one was nearly 3lbs per fish, but the quantity can vary...sometimes it is a hard body of water to fish.

2 weeks ago I was skunked, while Scott Caravella put 15lbs of fish in the I guess that is a perfect illustration of how things can go on Toronto.

I fished Toronto once this summer in early July

and falt out loved it. I was "on fire" that day with 'the midas touch', landing oine bass after another, winning the small tourney I was fishing, and also taking the Big Bass too that first day I ever fished it. I caught mostly Smallmouths, but the kicker was a Largemouth that came from deeper waters than most my smallies that day[go figure??].
Yup, you can run a "glass bass rig there no sweat. I saw NO facilities on the lake for bathroom, fuel, or food, but there was stuff nearby in the area, and the ramp was free.
I give it a solid 'thumbs up".....
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