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Fishing is a bit slow lately , so it gives me time to do summer summer cleaning of stuff I have tons of extras of...25.00 me if interested...thanks......Here's what I have this time:

Strike King Pro Model 3.5" Tubes
Here are the 3 colors I have:

Top bag has 20 tubes in the gold/flake color
Bottom left bag has 33 tubes in the watermelon/salt and pepper color
Bottom right bag has 16 tubes in icy blue/silver flake color

Also have 4 bags of GAMBLER HIBDON SERIES SUPER TUBES in 3.5" size
Each bag has 8 ct. tubes inside and are all brand new bags
2 bags in Red Flake color
1 bag in Black Blue Color
1 bag in Watermelon Seed Color
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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