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to the Owners, Moderator, Sponsors, Members and Guests....

I have now been an active participant, poster, and donor to activities held through this site for a while now. I have truly enjoyed the cammaderie, great knowledge , and fishing experiences with many of you now, either through posts, PMs, e-mails, get-togethers, phones, and time on the water with several of you. It has indeed enriched and brightened many a day for me since coming to this site.

I THINK I have added some great info to this site in return, too, on numerous topics, be they be lures, poles, fishing lines, waters, guides as all examples of the 'discussions' I have entered into, and have tried to stay away from any 'flame-thrower wars'. Just recently, I came under what i and others deemed a real attack, and I was truly impressed with the way the forum responded. The fine moderator did his job. The owners responded, as did sponsors and fellow members, with many rallying on behalf of my honor and input here, to which I am all truly thankful, appreciative, and respectful of.

I am not one to attack others unless attacked directly, as I feel I was this past time, and the issue now is hopefully behind us ALL . I hope this incident, and my justifiable response to it has not shone poorly upon myself, nor affected my status , nor freindships here I have forged these past two years here on NYBass. I fealt I had to clarify falsehoods and pointed statements made about me. I can only hope that PEACE will come back to 'our world' here at NYBass, and am sorry this incident had to occur.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a bass-filled New Year.

Most respectfully submitted,
Wild Bill

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I've been involved in a few WAR'S the past couple of years...(missed your thread)...and it isn't fun. People are people and after a few day's all usually gets back to normal. I honestly dont recall most of the guy's I have bucked horns with...It all comes back to whats important and why we are all here....FISHING...

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NYBass is a "virtual community" of bass fishermen. We all have strong opinions about the sport we love and every aspect of it. From time to time, things heat up, even out of hand. Our John G. steps in then, does his "Evil Tyrant" duty, and 99% of the time, we move on.:)

Bill, you have been a welcome addition to the board, stick around. As to the thread you are referring to, it's over now.

I only wish I could say, "Now let's shut up and go fishing", but most of us can't right now.:D Things always get a little weird in the off-season around here, but it will be OK. :beerchug:

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Earthy: you can't be the cause of the trouble ALL the time amigo! LOL.......

however, Craig, you notice, that the other person involved was also from Long Island! why just being close geographically to you had an effect!! :p

Bill, all is done and over with......sometimes we all need to let out a little steam....
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