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To peg, or not to peg: that is the question....

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To peg, or not to peg: that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the snags and hang-ups of rocks and weeds,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles….. yada yada yada…

Basically, I’ll be fishing on a Connecticut lake over the weekend.

One of my confidence/go-to baits is the "Brush Hog".

I’ve always thrown it T-rigged with a pegged bullet sinker.

Reading the recent post about tubes started me thinking.

Is there any advantage fishing these unpegged?

Perhaps with a bead and/or clacker?

In my mind pegged usually means less snags.

And unpegged means potentially more hang-ups and noise.

I’ve tended to shy away from noisy lures (except topwater & Carolina rigs).

I’ve always thought it scared the fish.

But I’m rethinking this now.

Any thoughts or advice????

Thanks, Fish-Eye…… <*))}}}}>><{{

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you get rid of him on weekends"
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i catch way more fish with the weight pegged than unprgged.i only unpeg if pegged does'nt work.brass and glass is also a second option.some people swear by it.i always try quiet first.:beerchug:
I peg most of the time with Peg-its...I mostly use rattlin worm weights, so the rubber inside pegging does muffle the rattle considerably...

On the other hand, this year i have used the same worm weights and a small glass bead, unpegged on anything T-rigged including Tubes...The unpegged T-rigs allow the bait to fall slower and perhaps more naturally on the movements, and does so some distance behind the weight...That might invoke more strikes, but there is always that little bit of slack line between the weight and bait......That may delay your feeling a very light bite on a tough day...Kinda mimics a C-rig bite or a split-shot bite at times...Might be a problem in a current situation too...

I always fish the brush hogs...One of my favorite baits...A lot of times I'll use an inline jighead like a Jobee or Owner Ultrahead or even varieties of Slider heads (for a real slow fall)...That is if I am not looking for rattles or those unpegged characteristics I mentioned...It's a quick rig that mimics a pegged T-rig and I dont have to do the more sophisticated re-ties and re-pegging when I need to change up...

I dont find a noticeable difference in snag potential among the rigs...I snag them all with about the same low frequency...I just modify my skinning or burying the texposed hook as needed when I have problems like that...And I throw right into the thick of it...

Mark D
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I'm a brass and glass guy and rarely peg unless I'm trying to puch through something, in that case, I'll ussually put on a big jig.
I fish em both ways. Sometimes you just have to experiment to see which way is working better.

I once dated a girl named Peg:D
Fisheye: I have a possible variation for you: why don't you try inserting a couple of those nail weights that Lunker City makes?

I use those routinely with my soft jerks.......

they have an even thicker one now, but 2 or 3 of the normal variety might do the trick without a hassle.....
Leigh, was her real name Marge? Why is Peg, short of Marge or Margerie? How did they get that?
Love the slider head idea.

I think I will experiment with a bead, clacker, and sinker as well.

Will report my findings on Monday.

Thanks, Fish-Eye…..

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the Net and he won't bother you for weeks!"
A bead and a clacker on a slider head...hmmmm!
Why didn't I think of that?

EW: Good question. Does anyone out there know why Peg IS short for Marge or Margaret? Its not Mila being short for Ludmila.
Yes...I went out with a girl named Mila too! A hot Russian strumpette. But that was a long time ago.
Margaret-Maggy-Meggy-Peggy.......or so it was explained to me by the Peggy in my life.:confused:
How do they just jump right to the P? It is automatically Peggy....why? Why not Molly, it has an M. Sorry, one of those things I've always wanted to know but was afraid to ask.
I don't peg....

When I'm flipping tubes or creature baits I don't peg my bullet head sinker. What I like about it is when I hook a fish that sinker has usually pushed up the line so the fish has nothing to push against when he's trying to throw that bait. When I do want a pegged rig I use a Jobee's like a huge slider...but made for big baits and heavy cover. It's great for flipping heavily matted weeds. Good luck....Mark

Both methods are effective but for the most part it's a matter of preference.
However, there are two applications where I always peg the weight:

Brush: When pegged the lure acts as one unit, allowing it to glide and sliver through the branches without getting hung up. Try swimming a c-rig through branches and see how far you get....the worm will tangle almost immediately.

Weeds: When flipping through matted weeds, I like to use a heavy weight for easy penetration. If unpegged, the weight will penetrate but the worm will still be sitting on top of the weeds....not much fun and very frustrating.

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peg it..... is my first choice.....want unit as one, not seperated...
unless i choose to carolina rig.....just what you get use too
really.....i 2 cents worth..:beerchug: :beerchug:
I never peg. Just another thing to do.
I'm with Huge here. I do not peg for one main reason, I am lazy, and it is just one more thing to do.
So I ran a scientific test yesterday on Zoar (will do a separate report).

Caught the same number of fish pegged or unpegged.


This will require more research on my part.

But I did like the action of a bullet sinker, clacker and brass bead on a baby brush hog.

Still not sure if the noise really scares or attracts the fish?????

I guess if they are in an aggressive mood then the noise probably helps.

But if they are at all skittish, then the noise probably turns them off.

Does this make sense?

Thanks, Fish-Eye…. <*))}}}}>><{{
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With these hit or miss patterns going on here in the fall, i think it is wise to assume that if the rattles and clackers ain't producing, try a quieter, pegged, T-rig approach...Makes sense to me...

All season, I usually tie on one modified rig with a bead or clacker, and one fixed rig (either a traditional pegged bullet weight or the Jobee-like heads) on the other, and work them both to see whats what...I usually change my jigs similarly also to see if the rattles are making a difference...

Mark D
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