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TI Bassmasters made our first stop at Chaumont for the season on this past Sunday. Light NE winds at 5-10 mph made it a nice day on the water. Water temps were anywhere from 68 degrees in the main lake to 72 or so in the bay. Not sure whether it was the cold front two days prior or the fact that the fish seem to be in a post spawn pattern and not willing to bite but a lot of guys reported seeing cruising bass that would not bite.

The lake was nice and flat which made it nice to run, I did a little exploring in the lake where I usually cant go. All in all it was a nice day to be out. The highlight of the day for me was I got my guest (we are allowed to have two guests a year) who doesn't fish much, onto a 4.5 lb smallie, good for the lunker of the day. All of the top bags were largemouth, most of us chasing smallies didn't do so well.

Top five:

1.) Jay Knapp 17.62
2.) Bill VanPernice 16.93
3.) Shawn Rutmanis 14.18
4.) Jim McCartney 14.03
5.) Bob Taddonio 13.77
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