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The Bergen Bassmasters, established 1986, are now affiliated with the NYTBF ( and here are three upcoming Opens that you should be aware of:
1. NYTBF: Sunday, June 19 Lake George Team Open at Mossy Point. Entry fee $210 per boat with $2K guaranteed to the First Place team based on 30 boats. No need to be a member of ther NYTBF - apply now on line via
2. Bergen Bassmasters 22nd Annual Team Open Candlewood Lake LTD All--Nighter out of Squantz Launch July 16, 2022, 8PM to 6AM. Must be two anglers per boat and we have a 30 boat max permit. $220 per boat and receive your boat number as we receive your check. If interested send me your name and e-mail by Private Message and I will send you an application.
3. The 2nd Annual Dick Garlock Memorial Team Open at 1,000 Islands out of Cape Vincent c/o the NYTBF July 31.. Entry fee is $210 per boat with 5 bass per team. With inclimate weather, participants may launch at Cape Vincent or trailer to another launch to waters connected to the St. Lawrence River. Whether by boat or vehicle, all leave at 7AM and return by 3PM. Payouts with extra local sponsorship money = 100% of Entry Fees. If interested, apply via Questions on any of the above, send me a PM, Nick A
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