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The water on Croton is HIGH

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When the sun peeked out this afternoon, I couldn't stand it anymore. Too many "last minute" things had popped up at work all day, and by 4, it was obvious I couldn't start the next thing that HAD been on my to-do list. So, I did what any good bass fisherman does towards end of season under those circumstances, and I snuck out :beerchug:.

Hit the Croton for about 20 minutes right off Hunter Brook Rd. This spot almost always produces in the Fall for me, but tonight, it was not to be.:( I can tell you the water was so high that the rocks I usually stand on at this point were under a foot of water, and it was so windy, I would not have wanted to be out in a boat. BTW, if anybody is moored here close to the water, there are some boats in danger of floating away. Oh well, I had to do it, even if the fish didn't cooperate. :rolleyes:
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sneaking out is half the fun man!... sorry you couldn't get a bite going... better luck to you next time, john!
I am going to try friday for the last shot for the year weather may not be the best. Don't care about the temp but the wind is another story.
Best of luck Jofish. I'm hoping to get out somewhere, somehow over the four days. Last weekend I fit in a few dozen casts, but that was it.

Let us know how you do.:beerchug:
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