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The Merry Month of May

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It's been a cold, windy spring season to date. I've managed to get out for four trips since the middle of April and did OK on each, with some quality smallmouth mostly on jerk bait. Last night the wife cancelled plans at last minute, so I decided to get out for a couple of hours before dark. Turned out to be a great decision, landing a personal best 7.4 lbs. largemouth on jerk. Just a beautiful sow, fat with eggs. Have a great season everyone!

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Wtg dude. That's a really nice fish. I'm sitting at home with a messed up knee and won't be out until June.
Thats awesome good for you ! You must be so glad you went out !!
there have been several nice 7 plus pounders coming out of the 'voirs this season...nice job!
Great job!
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