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The last week on the Marsh

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<p align="left">Submitted 11/30/03</p>

<p>My report is slightly overdue with the holiday and moving my house taking all
my spare time. Fishing has had its ups and downs with the weather but most days
have gone pretty well.</p>
<p>11/25 Scott had out Joe Dolan from Texas and they were throwing Senkos in the
same area as Mark Richards and myself. The catch numbers were around 40 for the
day but they just didn't get into that big one. Ironically where Mark caught his
double digit fish, Joe and Scott had gone through several times. Mark is still
leading for our $2500.00 big fish contest but there's another real one real
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
10.5 pounds caught on a #222 Senko 11/25/03</p>
<p>Over the next three days Scott had out Rob Shuler and his friend Joe from
Tennessee. Each day they opted for shiners and although they had lots of 4-5-6-7
pound fish they also never saw the big one make it to the boat. Areas they
fished include the gates both on the Farm and on the Stick Marsh side. </p>
<p>I had out Rich Przybyl from Penn. on the 28th and we fished the south end of
the Farm for most of the day. We did briefly try the SW corner but to no avail.
Again on this trip the most productive lure was the Senko fished weightless and
the most productive method was jerking it across the surface. I think we came in
at the end of the day with something in the neighborhood of 20 fish which
although good on some lakes, it is the slow side of a day on the Marsh/Farm.</p>
<p>Yesterday Ron Fields and Ron Page from Ohio and they opted for shiners. Ron
and Ron have been out with us several times and although they have done very
well each time the big fish has always eluded them. However, Ron Page changed
all that with this beauty that came from the spillway area on the Farm. <br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
10.25 pounds caught on a wild shiner</p>
<p>Basically shiners are doing well one day and so-so the next. Areas producing
the best have been spillways front and back with the best fish coming on
free-lined shiners. Other areas of the lake aren't doing as well with the
<p>Artificial baits have been doing real well unless the wind has kicked up.
This time of the year the bass are hanging around waiting for the upcoming
spawn. Areas that have done well are the southern areas of the Farm and on the
east side of the eastern most N/S irrigation ditch below the intersection. Best
bait over the entire 5 days has been the Senko worked both top and bottom. Buzz
bait has produced several fish. Spinner bait has not been working for us, but it
is something to spend some time with each and every trip. Hard jerk baits have
produced a couple of fish here and there. Definitely get yourself to the south
end and along the ditches. The upcoming week looks very windy so I would
recommend shiners from Middleton's Bait and Tackle. With winds forecasted to
blow 20 and better, this is a tough lake for artificial. </p>
<p>As for the contest, Mark is in first place for the $2500.00 and in 1st Place
for biggest caught on a Senko for the Yamamoto rod. Ron is in second place for
the Yamamoto Rod w/Chronarch. </p>
<p>See you one the water. Say hi if you get the chance.</p>
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Pics from Rob and Joe's trip


Pictures from Joe and Rob's trip. It wasn't all that warm out but these
youngsters from Tennessee thought the weather quite balmy. The top two pictures
were taken at the spillway in the NW corner, which is the exit spillway allowing
water to flow north. That metal wall you see is an absolute gold mine of bass.</p>

<img border="0" src="" width="640" height="426"></p>

Note the weighing device. It is a Boga Grip and IGFA certified. Although we
measure the fish that are big so that the customer can get a replica if they
wish, we don't measure and then guess at the weight. I have even seen people
measuring a suspended fish and then using that length measurement to guess at
the weight. Obviously, when suspended the fish will measure 1 to 3 inches longer
than it actually is. </p>
<img border="0" src="" width="640" height="426"></p>
The below picture was taken in the spillway area on the SE end of Farm 13, which
is where the water flows into the Farm. The gates of these spillways lift rather
than allow water flow over the top. They open based on water levels of the
surrounding Blue Cypress Conservation Area and are under the sole control of the
St. John's Water Management District. During the dry period, (October to April),
it is not very likely that we will see any water flow from these structures.
However, plenty of bass set up home keeping and can be caught throughout the
year for those that know how to work the bait. </p>
<img border="0" src="" width="640" height="426"></p>

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