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The Last Blast....I mean Cast

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Today marked the last tournament for the season in this area, that I know about anyway. It was my last "Last Cast" tournament held on Conesus Lake. This event was nearly cancelled yesterday after recieving 4 or more inches of snow at my house, and the winds gusting over 40 mph. But the sun came out Saturday afternoon, melting the snow off the roads, and the forcast looked "decent" for Sunday with winds subsiding to 20 mph or so. So the show went on....

In the morning, the winds were still quit strong, but actually better than I thought they might be. There was alot of "south" in the southwest winds, making for nice drifts along the breaks and weedlines. Water temps ranged from 42-44, depending where you were on the lake. Air temp was hovering around the freezing point, or just above. By afternoon, it was in the upper 30's, but the winds increased in the afternoon abit.

Rob and I started down in my usual south end haunt. Although we had a perfect drift going, we had not much to show for it. After an hour and a half, we had a fish a little over 2 pounds,and a 13 incher. Do we wait them out, or tour around a little?? With not a whole lot on the line, we thought touring around might do us better.

We went up to a northern spot I had good luck in 2 years ago. A VERY sharp drop in this area. Front of the boat is in 17-18 feet, while the back of the boat is in 12 feet or less. One drift through this 200 yard stretch put our limit fish (my tx's are 3 fish limits) in the boat, and culled out the other two smaller ones. It was a good drift!!!

We repeated this drift several more times before the bite tapered off on us. Off to another spot where I have caught smaller 2 pound fish in the past. They were still there, smaller 2 pound and less fish. To another spot midway down the lake. Again we caught fish, and one challenged our smallest on the balance beam. We went back to the "good drift" spot again, caught a couple more fish then Rob put a nice cull fish in the boat. Still, all our fish were 3 pounds or a little more. We needed a 4 pounder or two. With 40 minutes left we went to a spot near the ramp, and again caught fish, one challenging the smallest on the beam, but not enough.

For the last day of November, somewhat lousey weather (due to the frigid wind mainly) and cold water temps, I think we did OK boating nearly 18 or 20 fish. We lost very few fish, but none I think would of helped. All fish caught on tubes dragged on the bottom from 12-24 feet of water. Blade baits were tried, but no takers. I think we would have done better with those if the winds weren't so fierce.

At the weigh-in, all 4 teams brought their 3 fish limits to the scales. The smallest limit weighed 9 pounds even, still a 3 pound average! Next was Rob and I with 10 pounds even. Ted and Andy had 10.8 pounds for 2nd place. Charlie (cmacintosh) and Mark won the day with 3 smallies weighing in at 11 pounds even. They also had lunker honors with a 3.7 pounder, edging out Ted and Andys 3.6 lunker.

Full results at:

This may end my tournament season for 2003. After 36 tournaments (one being a two day club classic) I am ready for a break. I may try to get out on the water one or two more times over the next couple weeks, then get the Ranger put up for the season. She won't be in mothballs long though. Late March/ early April Seneca perch are calling my name :D

I am planning to post a post of personal tx stats (maybe even a pie chart! LOL!!) I had a pretty interesting tournament season this year to say the least.
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Nice way to end it off...

Thanks Noel for putting on the Last Cast Series once again, buddy, as well as inviting me to fish with you. Didn't see any slushy decks this year, and the fish were willing. Those 4 pounders just seemed to elude us, though.

I see there may be another tourney by Seth on Conesus next Saturday (you know he couldn't stand to keep everyone off that water after we had your tournament there). Wish I could fish it with someone, but "other plans" are starting to creep into my life.

Have fun on that tourney!

Yeah, looks like my tournament year is done. 15 tournaments this year (as opposed to 17 last year, but I worked a LOT of Saturdays this year :(). I should have close to 20 tournaments fished myself, which is not bad for a non-boater.

I'd like to see that "pie chart" buddy! :p

Tight Lines...
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