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The difference between a double dip and a tripple dipped tube

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Some guys are asking me what the main difference is between the tubes:

Wicked Tubes(double dip) are from Mizmo. This tube is fatter than most other brands and heavily salted. The hole in the tube is a good size and can handle any tube head or hook.

The new El Gordo Tubes are a true tripple dipped tube. It is amazing how you can actually feel the weight difference when you hold them. Being tripple dipped they have super thick walls and can accomodate a 5/0 hook. They also are salted. The main difference is obviously a thicker diameter. The cavity inside a tripple dipped tube is a little smaller than the double dipped tube. Here you might consider a smaller diameter tube head or a Texas rig with a big wide gap or EWG.

I'm already sold out of three colors. So give me a pm or ring if you want me to reserve them for you.
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The tubes need to be scented? Another words don't they get scented by the maker or are you adding scent on top of thier scent.
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