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Taking my son fishing...

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I've been trying to get my five year old into fishing with me. The only problem is the equipment. He's too small and unskilled to use a spinning set up and the Scooby Doo spincast rod he has sucks.
Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks as always...

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sometimes not-so-cute is better

I started my girls on fiberglass, telescoping crappie poles (basically high-tech bamboo poles). Once they got coordinated enough, I graduated them to spincast setups. The "cute" spincast setups I have found to be cheap in the worst sense of the word. Convince him into a little better, not so cute looking spincast setup (i.e. a Zebco 33 is berated by many, but reliable). This time of year I've found them on sale at K-mart, etc. Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you have other questions.:beerchug:
stick with the spincast for the little guy, zebco 202 or 404 if you want to stay low in price, (i think under $10), and now they have great spincasters like the one from rhino and all other nice types.
i have no clue for a rod, maybe just get a small panfish rod, or an ugly stik.
Modells has ugly sticks

I got two 5' ultra light rigs at Models less than $15 each. As long as you don't fill up the spool, he can learn to cast without too many birds nests :cussing: .

Once he becomes more proficient, add more line. I taught my girlfriend to cast on one of these plus the ugly stick is nearly indestructable - good for young kids. The reel is a Shakesphere Pro Am - nothing special but I have beat up these rods for the last two years and they are stioll going.

Please post pictures of his first fish!!!:beerchug:


I am the father of 6 year old twins....Both have fished with me a number of times, and each is better than the last...

I, too, had NOTHING but trouble with those cheap Snoopy closed faced jobs, and ended up throwing them all away. I simply bought two identical VERY SMALL spinning rigs, and spooled with cheapo line. (The whole 9 yards cost less then $40 for both) We then spent a couple of hours having a "casting tournament" in our backyard at a hula hoop, with a plastic practive plug. They picked it up pretty quickly, and pretty much perceived the whole thing as a game.

I DO NOT let them do the casting while in the boat as of yet.....But hey, with small bobbers, worms, smiles, sunnies, etc., who wouldn't want to be right there anyway???

When we camped on shore, I let them wade in a foot or two, and let them cast their brains out...That was safe, and worked beautifully. They did catch fish - WHICH IS THE KEY!!!-It makes them want to keep going.

Little do they know that pop's evil plan is to co-op their little minds, so that I have a built-in permanent excuse to go fishin'!!

Best of luck, and certainly best of times!!

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I started my son with a spinning outfit.

The spin cast reels are nearly as difficult to cast. Their advantage is they tend to get less tangles.

You can solve this problem by using a 1500 or 2000 size reel with a soft 8llb. test line and only spool the reel about half way. Just make sure you give them a heavier bait so the rod will load by itself. And oh yeah..... stand right next to their left shoulder or you may be his first keeper!!

The nice thing about learning on spinning gear is they will always use them.
Thanks guys...
I actully have a small UL Ugly Stick that I use for panfishing.
I'll try that. He'll be happy getting to use one of Daddy's rod setups.

Zuke you're right....all part of the master plan..."Honey Me and the Boy are going fishing. We'll be back later!"

Thanks again.

Tight lines.


PS Trying a little striper fishing this weekend!!!
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I got my son interested in fishing at an early age.

Some suggestions - take him shopping for his gear and steer him away from the Snoopy rods. I got my son a spin gear and he's never used anything else. He's 9 now and is working on accuracy. He's got distence and casting down.

Remember if the fish ain't biting, plan other activities to hold his interest. We hunted treasure on the banks of the river - shells and trash. We also picked up trash. I put a life vest on him and pulled him around the river with the trolling motor and a long rope.

Don't try the marithon fishing session or your son will burn out and never want to go again.

Remember, this is time for your son to fish, and you to tie, rig, duck, etc. I didn't start 'fishing' with my son until last year. All time was spent trying to land a fish for him.

Take lotsa snacks and drinks.

If you gotta boat, let him pee off the side. You'll be amazed at how much enjoyment this will bring.

I started mine out on a lake w/ panfish so abundant they'ld hit a dull hook. Now he's floating rivers with me and lasts about 3 hours.

It's all about spending time w/ your child and slowly getting him aquainted to the sport.

Enjoy!! You'll cherish those moments forever.
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I'll add that you should be sure any kids on a fishing trip put on a baseball cap and sunglasses.

I can tell you first hand that hooks in the back of a kids head is no picnic and can ruin an outing in an instant.... not to mention it could cause you to spend time in an emergency room with a pretty pissed off mom.

You may want to D-barb all hooks for the little guy also.
Forgot to add

Plenty of sunscreen


Use circle hooks if you're using live bait. When the line moves, simply resist the urge to cross-the-eyes hookup and just reel in.

Fish is hooked in the corner of the mouth 99 out of 50 times.
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