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As a Veteran and Commander of the Walden AMVETS Post2946, I would like for you to take this time to pray and reflect for the men and Women of the Armed Forces here and especially abroad. Some cannot make it home for the holidays. Some people say it is thier job. Remember thier job can involve dying for The rights and freedom that we have today. Many of us take that for granted. Please pray for thier safe return.

Please take the time to pray for thier families and friends that worry about thier saftey and thier quick return home.

Also pray for the veterans, and especially the veterans that have suffered physical and mental distress that have fought for the rights, privilages and freedom that we have in this great nation today. Pray for the demons that they bare and make it easier for the benefits that they so humbly deserve.

Put youself in the American soldiers, sailors, Air Forces and Marines boots for a partial minuite. That is when the respect for the individual fighting man or women starts.Then the honor of being a proud and respectful
American arises. Respect , honor and support our men and women in the field then hopefully it will make thier job easier and safer.

I am proud to be an American and it is an honor to have served in the United States Navy and in the same sentence I can say I have the privilage to be a part of NY Bass.

happy Holidays


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Johnny: no question, they are the latest heroes of this country......

scary stuff out there, without a real war, never knowing when any citizen can just have a bomb strapped to themselves, or any car might be filled with explosives......

we owe them a lot.....

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I was telling my 7 year how lucky we are to live in this country. Its hard for him to understand now. But I tell him that there are people, soldiers out there protecting our way of life and our freedom.
Personally, ever since 9/11 whenever I hear the Star-Spangled Banner I fight back tears for those we,ve lost.
Seeing the armed forces represented at the Jets game at half time, I can't help but feel really lucky.

To our men and women over seas...
a safe holiday and wishes from home

and thank you
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