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T-Rigging and yamamoto baits?

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I have been using senkos (5"mostly) for a wide variety of presentations. I noticed that yamamoto also makes a 'yamamoto worm' which is shaped sort of like a senko but has a curled tail. Has anyone ever used this for tex rigging and if so have the results made you want to buy more?

I will continue to use the senkos for texas rigging(and other) presentations but thought I might mix it up a bit.
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good worms. Now that I pour my own stuff, I don't use any other manufactured injection molded baits...except for Yammies.
yammie worms

What size of the yamamoto worms have you tried? They make a few difft sizes and obviously a few hundred different colors. Have you had any success with any in particular?

Have you tried the Gulps from Berkeley?
I tried those worms , Wandy....not a whole lot, caught a few fish with 'em. Im sure you can be successful with these worms, but for economical reasons, you cant go worng with the Powerworms, and the Sickle worm by Berkely....

Wandy another choice is the Yamamoto Kut-tail worm.

I've fished this on a light T-rig and caught fish when they were ignoring Senkos. It gives them a different look (when they get fussy)

I haven't had much success with the curly tail (even other brands).
I use 4 and 5" cut tails and 6" curly tails.
The cut-tail worm is nice...

I caught some nice smallies in NY (Great Sacandaga Lake) using the cut-tail worm this past summer. And it is certainly much more of a heterosexual lure than the senko....later...Mark

Thanks Mark for the sexual preference distinction with the yamamoto products. I forgot that worms had that classification or were you referring to the users?
LOL You know, there are a few very phallic looking baits out there.....did you ever see the Lew's hardbaits. There is a spook type bait that has a fringed head that looks just know.
male dominated sport

I guess there is a reason fishing is a male dominated sport. The pursuit of the mighty bass mimics life quite neatly.

What does that Lew's bait look like?...An anteater?

Mark D

In my bass club the senko is known as the ****-bait...I hope that's ok to post on the forum...if not...sorry ahead of time. But it's a's easy to make fun long and prosper, Mark
Case Plastics

One of the local VA plastic makers just came out with a grub that's similar to the Yamamoto cut-tail, long senko like body, but has a huge grub tail. Very salty.

Produced quite a few quality small mouth out of the local VA rivers the last two days. Along w/ the Kinami 5" grubs that sell in the local Wally world.

Lord knows that in any given year, I send Gary allot of $$'s for his baits, but Charlies new grubs are the cats meow for bigger bass.

Especially for a grub junkie like me.
never crossed my mind when I saw a senko for the first guys! LOL......

but why does it have to be a gay bait? if it looks like a phallic symbol, then why can't it be to attract hetero woman fisherpeople??

one look at Gary Yamamoto's face and I doubt very much if such a thought crossed his mind when developing that lure......
JOHN G said:
why can't it be to attract hetero woman fisherpeople??

Not enough girth
Man, do you all need '101' in attraction??? LOL

Okay, the phallic resemblence??? Sad state of Girth!!! lol

Secondly, aren't the REALLY large bass, you know, the ones we dream off, all females, so wouldn't it make sense that we offer them a type of bait a female might just wish to munch
Heck once I even relieved myself, then purposely wiped my hands on my senko afterwards and told my partner such as I did it , and got bit by about a two pounder on the very next cast[ NO BS]. I unbuttoned the fish and got bit two casts later, me then swearing it had something to do with it's "flavoring" attracting the female buddy and I bust up about it often now....Sorry John and all, I just had to share in this....{lol}

I also am one of three brothers, and over the years fishing together we have come upon what we refer to as a "di.. in hand/sandwich in hand Bass pattern" ...and what it comes down to we have surmised is that often we may work baits too quickly, but if we just let the bait slow way down or stop even, we can get bit often as we are distracted doing something else with your line out. Now tell me, has this has happened to you too???
It makes me want to drink even more.....{lol}:beerchug:
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