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Well today is the day I have to pack up my computer. I will be moveing to Fla. Oct. 29. Have to load up the rental truck mon.& tues. and my conv. van hook up the Gambler and off I go.Frank thanks for this great site. John you the man.Of all the sites I have been on NYBASS is the best and has the best member.T C to one and all have a great Christmas and New Year amd good fishing to allin 2004
AL :beerchug:
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AL, these are premature goodbyes my man, you are talking the INTERNET...we have many members from Florida who frequent the board!!

see you soon over the information superhighway!
Best Wishes with the move and all, keep what John said in mind fishing still fishing here or there!
John my goodbyes were not ment to be for good. All me things are going to be storage for about six month. When I buy a house and set everything up I will be back
Safe traveling AL. We will look forward to seeing you here again in the near future. By the way..when are you inviting us ALL down to fish Florida? LOL.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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