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Swiper no swiping

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Good God, I now know the words to every Dora The Explorer cartoon. Help me!
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Hey EW,

Look on the bright side your spanish vocabulary will improve! :)

Maybe you can go to Nick, Jr. and play find swiper!!

Dont worry sponge bob should be coming on soon.

I used to have to endur teletubbies! Now that was a nightmare!

damn those telletubbies, hate them! Did you ever see the Wiggles....almost as bad, 5 guys who will never get laid again!
lol...told ya you'll luv the the oriental guy, Jeff.....

Fruit Salad....yummy, yummy..!!
Try explaining to a 2 year old that the VHS machine is broken and they can't watch Barney, or "Tubbies", or the Wiggles. They drive me crazy sometimes too. :rolleyes:

Try this take on the "Barney Song":

I hate you, you hate me,
We're a dysfunctional family.
And a shot rings out
And Barney hits the floor (loud hand clap)
No more purple dinosaur.

All meant in fun of course, I don't mean any harm to dinosaurs. (Although I do hear they make great barbecue.:D :D)
That's great!
I always hated Barney!
They have each other.. One of those guys reminds me of joe! LOL!! Love you!

hey Rob...or should I say Captain Featherstone!!...the 5th Wiggle

Purple Dinosaur, Purple Teletubbie and the Wiggles

What happened to all the healthy educational TV programing, Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers, Capt. Kangaroo, Romper Room and Zoom.

There is just something totally wrong with those Wiggles, sorry just can't let my boys watch that show.

Elmo Rules!!!
earthworm77 said:
Good God, I now know the words to every Dora The Explorer cartoon. Help me!
Been there...last year I had to take a hike through the wood's near my house with a backpack and map while on the lookout for Swiper...

Swiper no swiping...Swiper no swiping...Swiper no swiping...

Damn the horror:eek: ...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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